Emergency Fund

One of the things I worked diligently on for the past 10 years was building up an emergency fund. Looking back at past memories of stressing over things like getting brakes for my vehicle, or taking care of that transmission problem fueled me into building up this fund. At first it didn’t seem possible as I was also on a mission to pay off all credit, and it was just small amounts here and there I would move into a savings account. As I progressively continued getting all those credit cards paid off and discovered more money at the end of the month because I don’t have to pay credit cards anymore I directed my approach on car payments. It took a long time, but I found myself in a place where I owed nothing except the mortgage. It was at this time I dedicated all extra money at the end of the month towards the goal of a $25,000.00 emergency fund.

With the emergency fund in place I moved towards paying off the mortgage. It took 10 long years to reach this goal, but today I can say that I am 100% debt free. No credit cards, no car payments and no mortgage. At 58 years old I find myself directing most of my earned income towards retirement and saving for a small house in a retirement village.

But, let’s go back to the emergency fund and why it’s so important. Last year our water heater died. The cost of replacement was $1,600.00 because it is situated on the second floor of our home. This cost staggered me at first as memories flooded my mind when I had to figure out how I would pay for it. But, I remembered that the reason I worked so hard at putting together an emergency fund was for reasons like this. I wrote a check and had a brand new water heater and could soon enjoy a nice hot shower. Then I simply started moving a few hundred dollars per month into the emergency fund to make sure it remained at $25,000.00.

It would seem that $25,000.00 is a lot of money to just sit in a savings account, but what this number represents is actually 8 months of lost wages due to losing a job, plus all bills associated to basic living for 8 months. In actuality it is my own personal insurance that provides a peace of mind. It sits there building up a little bit of interest like a good friend ready to take action if an emergency comes about. The funny thing is that those things I used to call emergencies I know call incidents. Life happens, there is no doubt about it and you never know when action must be taken to solve some of life’s problems.

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Playing with Tomatoes

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Lessons from NOW will fuel the FUTURE of Retirement

Carefully planning for a future retirement brings about many thoughts and idea’s moving forward. One of the most important questions I constantly ask myself during the course of the day is, “Do I really need to make this purchase”. Whether it’s on Amazon or just out and about.

A minimalist lifestyle is one where the only purchases that need to be made are made through the desire of obtaining true needs and not so much wants. Usually the lunch I bring to work is the leftovers of a homemade dinner from the night before. On occasions I don’t have those leftovers and I am left with choices to purchase lunch. I am quickly learning that the average cost of a decent meal in the “eating out” world can cost upwards of $10.00. I have even spent close to $14.00 for two eggs, a piece of sausage and some hash browns and they will throw in two pieces of toast. Ridiculous! I have found that just making a few PB&J sandwiches brings out the same level of joy at lunchtime and it is far less costly.

One of the best ways to plan for the future is taking a good look at the past. It’s funny how quickly we learn our mistakes by gathering items for a yard sale. Yes, there are so many purchases that I have made that I thought would bring me value or joy, only to throw it into a box to sell for 10% of what was spent on it. I do like purchasing items on Amazon so it was easy to view my past orders. I was actually shocked when I considered what I could have gained in my savings account by not purchasing those things at all.

Planning for retirement is not just an adventure to reaching a goal, but is also a method of creating a new lifestyle. With an obvious reduction of monthly income there will also be the need for simple reduction. This needs to be put into perspective as I redefine my needs and wants. My needs will be obvious like food, clean water, shelter, healthcare and clothing. The wants will be the furniture for the retirement home, the ability to travel. The quality of life will be built around a social life and spending time with family.

As these next 44 months pass I am sure that there will be many lessons learned that will be fuel for developing that new lifestyle in retirement.


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44 months to retirement.

With just 44 months and counting I am setting up monthly obligations to the preparation of another complicated move. We have decided that before we sell our home we must first purchase our retirement home. It will be an action plan where 6 months prior to retirement we will travel to the area of choice after setting up appointments with a local realtor. The house must be small as we will maintain our minimalist ways and it must be affordable. Depending on the area we will ultimately choose will most likely make the biggest difference in affordability.

I am moving¬†my checking and savings out of a Community Credit Union to a bank that has branches in most area’s of the country where we will retire too. This can be a complicating process and things like Direct Deposits and Auto Bill Payments have to be changed. I will leave the old bank account open until I am sure that I covered everything. Another reason for making this move is to establish a minimum of at least two solid years of business with the new bank as there may be the possibly of having to take out a mortgage on the retirement home. I am saving pretty darn hard and hope it doesn’t come to that, but I want to make sure that If I do, I will be ready.

Other things this month include the reduction of unnecessary items. I built a Google Chrome Box computer last year and I no longer use it. It’s just sitting around and taking up space. I reset the computer to factory settings and will try to sell it this month and put the proceeds in the Savings account.

Each month I will be going room to room and searching out other items that we no longer use or need. I may sell those items online or just save them up for a big yard sale next Spring.

Leaving the work world behind there will be so many items that I just will not need any longer. As we are both working we both have a car. The older vehicle will be sold upon retirement. I have a lot of clothing in my closet that revolves around my career and these items to will be sold or find their way to a non-profit organization.

Our real ambition is basically getting rid of everything we own and starting fresh in retirement. The cost of moving things is just as expensive as replacing them. If it were a local move then it would certainly be worth keeping it all, but moving 3000 miles away cost us well over $10,000.00 back in 2012 and I am sure that it will be even more expensive in 2023. I have the Grand thought of simply getting in our car and driving across the country with nothing. No pressure. We can stop along the way and visit places we always wanted to see. This is the way to start a new chapter in your life.

So, September is a month of change and reduction. Only 44 more months to go.

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Mountains of Tomato’s

The second half of the month of August is always a joy to me. This is the time where my acquired “Square-foot-gardening” skills start to show the rewards of working those raised bed gardens pay off.

The heirloom tomato’s are ripening at a quick pace this year and I am sharing them with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. I have been yielding about 12 tomato’s per day. Both yellow and green squash has made for some pretty delicious side dishes. Early summer provided for 12 huge broccoli plants that tasted better than candy. This was the first year I grew lemon cucumbers, which purity by accident. My organic supplier mixed up the plants. Lettuce went quick this year even though I replanted twice.

Next years goal is to try to start everything from seed. Without a small greenhouse I will have to try to do this indoors and the difficulty with that is a curious cat. Hmm. I think this was the reason I purchased the plants in the first place from the organic nursery.

Gardening for me is probably one of the simplest joys I find in life. Time spent in the garden is my time to get away from the stresses of life and just focus on nature. That joy also seems to be replicable as it ignites joy in those I share vegetables with.

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Retirement in 45 months? Ahhhhh

Reaching the grand age of 58 and contemplating my future brings about so many thoughts of the past. I am down to 45 months before I reach the age of 62 and am eligible for Social Security income and can officially leave the workforce behind. Sharon is five years older than me and will be leaving the workforce before me. This is something we didn’t ponder when we fell in love so many years ago, but is more than a reality now.

We have worked hard and continue in this matter and along the way lived a frugal life and played by all of the rules, which I am learning are no so common. Our home is paid in full and we are contributing the maximum allowed into our 401k plans. From the outside it appears that we will be able to have a comfortable retirement, but on the inside I feel an overwhelming fear. Can what we are doing today carry us through years of non-employment tomorrow? I certainly hope so. It is not so much I worry about managing our retirement, but the things I fear are those of the unknown. Should we be in a better position before we step into retirement? How long will we live? Will pensions dry up and leave us broke? Will the stock market crash and empty out our savings? What if? What if? What if?

I think about the past, those early years when money seemed to come and go as quickly as a glass of sweet tea on a hot August afternoon. How much crap I purchased that today lays in the bottom of a landfill, how much interest I payed for those crappy items I thought I needed so badly. The desires of youth fuel the economies today and unchecked can leave one in a precarious position in the future. Thank God I caught wind of these behaviors years ago and developed a plan to reverse its curses.

Although I still worry I know that we may be in a much better position than many. Recent stats tell me that at least on third of those in America over the age of 65 are living below the poverty level. Most reasons are self inflicted and others caused by outside sources. The loss of a job, medical issues, the 2008 housing crash, mental health, addiction, and other reason’s.

On the upside we don’t mind and actually find great joy in living a frugal lifestyle. Other than planned trips across the country to see family, our spending is surprisingly low in comparison the the average of those our age. We will continue to do the best we can and pray for a healthy future.

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A Talk with my Inner Coach

Based on what my fitbit is telling me I am burning an average of 3000 calories a day, yet my body weight continues to yoyo up and down. I know that weight lifting is building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, but I still should be on a pattern of dropping a little bit of body weight as I know I am burning fat. So I decided to talk to my inner coach and see if he could give me a little insight on what is going on. Know understand that my inner coach tends to be a little on the rough side and doesn’t take any shit from me.


Billy: So I am here because I want to burn more fat while building muscle. I want to continue to reduce my waist size and see my overall body weight start dropping.

Inner Coach: Are you eating correctly?

Billy: Yes, a small bowl of oatmeal with a little granola and a lot of various berries. Lunch a little bit of rice with lentil stew and a lot of vegetables and usually the same for dinner but sometimes with added sweet potatoes.

Inner Coach: Sound like a good balance for a vegan diet. Hmmm…. Is this all you are eating during the course of the day, or is there more I should know about?

Billy: Well, actually during the day I do snack on things like pretzels when I feel hungry. And yea, I do have a couple of beers after work, but that is all. Oh yea, I sometimes reach for potato chips or popcorn after dinner sometimes.

Inner Coach: And you know all of this and you come to me seeking answers? Ok, here’s the ¬†advice I will give you. No more fucking snacks between meals! No more beer after work! and definitely no snacks after dinner! You have to train your body to be satisfied with just those 3 healthy meals. If you are feeling hungry between meals it may simply mean that you are not eating enough during a meal. Reduce the amount of food you eat at dinner by 1/3. Now let’s talk about your exercise routine.

Billy: Oh, that’s an easy one. I am fast walking 3 miles on the treadmill at least 4-5 times per week. On Saturday and Sunday I hit the gym and perform a mixed weight lifting routine that last approximately an hour and a half to two hours.

Inner Coach: If you are doing cardio more than two days in a row, stop it. Allow your body to heal for at least 24 hours before performing the same cardio routine. Your weight lifting sessions and two long and should be reduced to a max time of 45 minutes to 1 hour. You must find a way to create a routine where you spread out your body building routine to more than just two days. Spit up both Saturday and Sunday with Tuesday and Thursday. Too much of anything brings about inflammation which I don’t have to tell you can reap havoc on your body. You need to find balance with both your cardio schedule and body building schedule.

Billy: But it is hard for me to perform a body building routine during the work week as the only time I have is early morning and the gym is closed at that time. This is why I try to make up for it by performing so much cardio during the week.

Inner Coach: What you are doing simply does not work. I don’t care if you have to find another gym that is open in the early morning, or if you have to invest in some equipment to perform body building at home, but either way if you don’t make the change you will not find the results that you seek and may also injure yourself in the process.

Billy: Thanks Inner Coach. I will take your advice with great enthusiasm and find a way to change the path I am currently on.

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Burning Fat, Building Muscle, Development of a New Plan

After moving between heavy weight lifting on the weekends mixed with an average of 3 miles on the treadmill 5 times per week, I am know looking for a little more balance. Right now my weightlifting routine consists of 4 days every two weeks. This means that I am doing the first two routines on Saturday and Sunday and the next two routines the following Saturday and Sunday. This is not working out for me as too much time is passing before routines. I love going to the gym, but the problem is that they don’t open during the week until I am just about leaving for work. No time for a Mon-Fri workout at the gym.

Thank God for the treadmill in the garage that allows me to do cardio, but if there was a way to lift weights two days during the work week this would solve my problem. I have been looking pretty hard at the set of Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells along with stand and bench. I talked to my trainer about this option and he said that it could work and he could definitely build my a great routine. The only problem I am having now is dealing with the cost. I know that it is a true investment as my health is important to me and the fact that they pretty much last forever. With the holidays upon me I believe that my best option is to wait until January to ensure that I don’t go over budget.

The bottom line is that there are 4 elements that must be strictly adhere to if I wish to acquire the results I need to overcome Type II Diabetes and repair the damaged inner parts of my body.

  1. Whole Food Plant Based Diet
  2. Reduction of Stress in my Life
  3. Cardio Exercises
  4. Weight Bearing Exercises

The Whole Food Plant Based Diet allows my body to receive all of the nutritional elements required to provide my cells with the tools they need to normalize while providing my immune system with super foods to help destroy the foreign invaders. The Reduction of Stress includes a new attitude that lets me know that I do not control everything in life and when things happen I can get through them OK. It also includes quiet time to read, write or meditate and practicing stretching of my body before workouts. Cardio is essential to keep the blood flowing and strengthen the heart. And Weight Bearing Exercise are the key element to keeping my bones strong.

I need not worry too much about my body weight as it goes up and down like the Stock Market. I look at the big picture of reducing my body weight by just around 1 pound each month. The real results come from burning off excess body fat and building muscle, yea it’s all about the waist size.

For now I will continue with this routine but will throw in some isometric exercises during the week and anticipate lifting bowflex weights in my garage on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Fitbit and Weight Lifting Apps

I decided to purchase a Fitbit Charge 3 a few weeks ago to help me stay on track. For the most part I do love it as it acts as both a watch and a BPM monitor. I like knowing how many steps I take each day and how many flights of stairs I climb.

The app is a bit discouraging as any other apps I have tried to use for fitness goals. Within the fitbit app there is a goal setter where I can set a goal for weight loss. The problem is that it really isn’t realistic as I am not only performing cardio, I am also weight lifting. Lifting heavy weights causes muscles to grow and the body to retain water, which also increases body weight. So even though I am burning fat my overall body weight will increase. I could perform body measurements each day, but who has the time for that.

The technology certainly is getting better, but even the weight lifting apps I use don’t describe the individual routine I am performing. I may be doing dumbbell fly’s but the the app only shows chest fly’s performed on a machine. After trying several I have decided that going back to using the individual paper card where I can write in the exact exercise I am using for a particular routine serves me best.

Another feature I really don’t like about the fitness apps are they are always trying to act as a personal trainer. I come from the old school philosophy that having a fitness trainer there with you to guide you through each exercise before starting a 3 or 6 month routine not only is helpful but teaches us how certain exercises performed wrong can actually cause injury.

I suppose that for those who choose to just do cardio and track their food intake the fitbit is ideal, but for us older folks who depend on resistance exercises to keep our bones strong it just doesn’t work.

I will continue to wear my fitbit but will utilize it as a tool to keep me motivated and less on a performance tracker.

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Mom passed last week

Conscious confirmation to self that all is well

Cardio all week and my body weight drops, Weight lifting on the weekend and my body weight goes up. But progressively my body weight is dropping slightly each week as I am burning fat and building muscle.

A whole food plant based diet is what I eat. No meat, no dairy, no added oils and no manufactured foods. Starches are Basmati rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Lots of dark green and colorful vegetables and berries.

I am healing on the inside and feeling wonderful on the outside.

My mom passed away last week and I had to fly from Oregon to New Jersey. Mom was a really good hearted soul and I will miss her greatly. At 78 cancer took her. Just two years ago she made it through breast cancer and was stamped cancer free. She had no idea that cancer was eating her alive through the liver, kidneys and spine.

I spoke with Mom each Saturday morning and never heard a complaint from her. In fact her mood was always happy and joyful. She laughed and joked with everyone right up to the last day she passed. No pain, No suffering. I am so grateful each day that she passed this way.

Mom lived a very simple life and found so much joy in a family gathering where she cooked those traditional dishes her Mother prepared. Whenever there was a problem she was always the first one there to help. She didn’t have much but what she had, she gave freely. At 76 she received a letter from someone named Eric. Eric is her son that she was forced to put into adoption when she was just 19 years old. This brought incredible joy to her and ended up spending some pretty incredible quality time with her long lost son.

If there ever was a reason to feel good about changing my diet to a Whole Food Plant Based one, Mom’s confirmed cancer is certainly an eye opener. I believe that if she too had adopted a healthier lifestyle she may have avoided being attacked by cancer. But only God would know this. I do know that she has been welcomed with open arms and is spending quality time with family and friends who passed before her.

One of the questions we are always asked by our care providers is about any family history of chronic diseases. It is said that genetics plays a big role in the chances of us adopting the same illnesses that our family has. I don’t know if this is all genetics as much as it is lifestyle. What I do know is that I am going to pay closer attention to it and do everything in my power to avoid cancer or heart disease. Living now with Type II Diabetes is a challenge in itself as I have to closely monitor the glucose in my blood each day. For right now it seems that I have T2D under control and as long as I continue to eat right and exercise I believe that I will not have to suffer.

I too will leave this earth and reunite with Mom and so many others who left, but for now I will fight with every ounce of energy I have to stay alive as long as I can. I have both the tools and knowledge to avoid and even reverse any disease that may come my way and I will utilize both to make sure that I have lived a full life. Conventional medicine does a wonderful job of helping us live with certain disorders but I know that so much more needs to done to protect our bodies from adopting a disease, making our bodies strong enough to fight a disease and allowing our bodies to return to a healthier state after years of abuse.

There is so much information out there. All you have to do is search for Whole Food Plant Based on the internet and get started.

I love you Mom and will miss you forever.

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