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Shedding the Working Years

I am not quite retired yet. Actually I have just about 28 more months to go, but am actively started the preparations. I see so many folks who have passed over that hill and still carry with them the relics … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving to go Please

With pressures amongst us to practice social distancing this Holiday Season we have made the decision to spend it without family. We both work in fields we are in contact with people. Despite the fact that we wear masks responsibly … Continue reading

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The Addictions

2020 without doubt has been a very challenging year to say the least. With COVID 19 always hanging in the shadows of every corner of my life I now find myself stuck in a corner. Giving up a gym membership … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the Inbox

As we discover that we can get a discount on food, hotels, rental cars and many other places by just sharing our information including our email address we soon come to realize that those same entities add us to their … Continue reading

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Dinner is Lunch

A few years back I made the decision that I really didn’t like going out to lunch. The food just wasn’t as appetizing as it used to be and too often the portions were to large. No longer than an … Continue reading

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Just one Soap

Here is a little trick that I managed to fill both my needs of reducing clutter and prepping. I have discovered that with just one bottle a good liquid soap I can wash my body, wash my hair, wash my … Continue reading

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