A Whole Life

Slowly and carefully I am taking small steps towards going from a Whole 30 diet to a Whole 30 Lifestyle. I suppose you can say I am trying to create a Whole Lifestyle. With new born excitement about not just my health, but life in general I have made up my mind that with just a few changes I can increase the amount of happiness I feel in my everyday life. Yes, when all the systems in my body can come to together and work in unison I am finding that the feelings I have towards the thoughts of myself and the world around me reflect a level of energy that can be equal to the energy of those natural environments that I so love to visit.

I am learning that by simply changing the food that I put into my body each day to the foods that were available thousands of years ago like meats and vegetable without any addition of any type of processed foods allow my body to do what is natural for a human body to do. Build muscle and burn fat. The many systems in my body are not working overtime to rid my body of harmful substances that come with eating unnaturally. This not only increases my energy levels but also elevates those stupid hunger pangs between meals. Basically I eat good and don’t think about food again until the next meal.

I am learning that exercise is my friend and by staying mindful each day to performing just enough exercise to keep my muscles and bones strong while also challenging my heart to pump just a little harder than normal I am finding a new level of personal confidence in both the way I look and feel. Yes, I need both resistance exercises and cardio vascular routines each day with an occasional day off here and there. Eating right also contributes to a feeling of well being and overall attitude towards exercise and it didn’t take long before I started waking up in the morning with a yearning to start working out.

I have learned that by simply going to bed early each night at the same time and waking early I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges the world my throw my way. It is this natural sleep cycle that contributes to the revitalization of those muscles that I work and all of those systems in my body to recharge and prepare for the what lies ahead. Yes, there are just so many hours in a day and many times it is difficult to fit in all of the daily tasks we must take on in those hours, but it is important to understand that there is always tomorrow and of course there is always a weekend that lies ahead where there is no existence of that daily grind of a work day.

I am learning that during that daily grind of a work day there are always levels of work that seem to go beyond the amount of time allowed each day to complete such required tasks. It is the understanding that there will always be more work than an ample amount of time to complete work assignments each day and by coming to this realization can rid the mind of the constant need to get something done quickly to try to fit the next task into the daily schedule. Yes, a job can be very stressful and demanding at times and it is this stress that leads to many bad things happening inside my body. There is a huge difference between quality and quantity and by focusing my mind more on quality leads to better understanding and overall performance in the long hall. It is that monkey brain that is always trying to juggle so many things at one time and never giving the attention truly needed to perform just the on task that is in front of me. Working on just one thing at a time until the completion of that single task creates a better work environment for my mind and allows for a decrease in that feeling of stress. Less stress leads to a comfortable ride home at the end of the day and a happy home life at the end of each day.

I have learned and keep learning that by taking complete control of my finances leads to not having that overwhelming feeling that my finances control me. Spending money on needs vs. wants quickly delivers additional money in my bank account at the end of each month. Using this same money to pay down debt and keep available for emergencies that may arise builds a level of confidence in my financial well being that can make the difference between a tragedy an event. I had one of those events last month where I had to get many repairs done to my vehicle. Being that I had the money put aside for such an event meant simply writing a check and working to replace the money that I spent on the repairs. If I didn’t have the money available then it could have turned into a tragedy where worries arise like how I would get to work each day.

These are just a few of the positive changes I have been making in my life and as I move forward in this Whole Life there will certainly be other area’s to explore. There is an has always been a nature cycle of balance in this world that we life in and although at times it seems possible to think that we can over ride this system it always comes back to we were born to live within it. The progress we make within this natural balance will always out way the progress that we think we can make by working outside or beyond it. Eat well, get a sufficient amount of daily exercise, sleep well, find a way to reduce stress and take charge of your finances and you too will find great joy in just being alive today.


About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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16 Responses to A Whole Life

  1. jlkenward says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for sharing. I’ve had many of the same thoughts lately.

  2. suzewannabe says:

    Keep up the good work! Yes, they are all intertwined 🙂

  3. Thanks for being such an avid supporter of my blogs over the years! Let me know what you thought of my ebook: Finding a Better Balance once you’ve had a chance to read the free download.

  4. gitfitsite says:

    Thanks for sharing, happy to hear you’re returned to a healthy state!

  5. raastha says:

    Very nice and practical post. I know these hunger pangs are not good, once used to it. But the stress is an important factor that increases these hunger pangs.
    I agree to what say about feeling and looking good when one takes exercise seriously….there is new level of confidence.

  6. Steph McCoy says:

    A Whole Lifestyle sounds like a real lifestyle. How long did it take your body to adjust to eating the Whole 30 diet?

    • Believe it or not… just two weeks, though I believe the reason for that is because I was eating pretty healthy before the Whole 30. For me it was just a few things I had to take out of my diet and a few new things to add.

      • Steph McCoy says:

        Wow, that’s great. I have horrible eating habits but I’m continually trying to get better. Last year I successfully quit eating candy but I know the processed stuff I consume has sugar in it. Now I constantly have fruit in the house to help curb sugar cravings but they really aren’t as bad as the first 2 weeks.

      • LOL. I too have been known to have a sweet tooth. Yea, you have to go through a rough couple of weeks, but the rewards are incredible.

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