Winter kicked my Ass

Day #23 Whole 30

Blood Sugar has gone down once again to 80 mg/dl and body weight is down to 182.4 lbs. I am starting to lift heavy weights once again and I believe it is making a significant difference in where my blood sugars are. Where I am burning energy to lift these heavy weights it is causing my body to demand more from my blood thus reducing the amount of sugar in my blood stream. It is this along with walking 2 1/2 miles every other day and of course reducing my carbohydrate intake that is leading to such rapid success.

The tough question is can I keep this up the rest of my life? I was in a good position last year when the weather was nice, but it seemed too easy to get into a rut as the weather turned colder. I know that we as humans naturally slow down during the winter months but for someone with Type II Diabetes slowing down too much might not seem like an option.

As we all know our bodies go through changes in the winter. We want to pack on extra fat to help us get through the tough winter and our ambitions to stay active seem to diminish as the winter progresses. As we age it gets harder and harder to avoid adding too much weight on our frames and giving way to reduced activity leads to too much time on the couch. So how do we battle this problem.

I have come up with several solutions and although it is only April I am starting to plan ahead for October.

It seems that as the seasons change so too is access to natural sunlight. It is for this reason that I am researching sunlamps that give off uv rays that are similar to natural sunlight. I plan on mounting several of these lights in my gym (aka garage). If I can spend just an hour each morning near these lights I may be able to trick my body into thinking that I have moved to a warmer region.



Along with sunlight temperature makes a huge difference in how our bodies know that the seasons are changing. Working out in a cold gym in the morning certainly doesn’t send the right signals that our bodies are comfortable. Being cold actually triggers those desires to eat things that we shouldn’t eat to pack on the extra pounds. I am looking to solve this problem with an electric garage heater with a wall mounted thermostat. Getting that gym nice and toasty in the morning should help to fight this battle. With this I believe that it is more important to dress warmly during the day, especially while working outdoors.

Exercise maintenance is essential during the winter months and by not doing any exercise at all it becomes to easy to not do other things like eating healthy. I must continue my workout routine in the winter even if it means reducing the weight that I am lifting or reducing my treadmill time down.

The last thing I need to do is learn to balance my diet where I am allowing a few extra carbs to enter my body while keeping up with those things specific to the Whole 30 way of eating. It is natural to put on an extra 10 pounds during the winter, but an extra 30 lbs is just not acceptable and soon gives way to health problems.

Another thing that I am working on is making my gym more attractive and welcoming. It has to be a room that I feel comfortable walking into each morning and actually look forward to. I will be slowly working on small projects during the summer and fall to create this atmosphere by putting down a floor rather than the cold hard cement. I will mount a large mirror that will allow me gaze at my body to remind me that a healthy body looks like a healthy body. I am sure I will come up with a few more things as I start this project but ultimately I want to be completely ready to take on next winter.

This winter was a total disaster and I am going to do everything I can possibly do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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10 Responses to Winter kicked my Ass

  1. gitfitsite says:

    I can totally relate, it is snowing right now in Northern Michigan. 😦

  2. Alana H says:

    We’re just heading into winter down here in OZ. Pretty lucky here, winter is perfect running weather, we never get snow and if the temperature falls below 10°C we all run around saying it’s freezing.

    Sounds like a pretty good plan you’re putting into place. Enjoy your summer!

  3. Maybe you have let winter psyche you out. Check out Wim Hof. His attitude is that the cold can teach us to be healthy

    • It’s no so much the cold, it’s the 8 months of constant rain that gets to me and the total lack of natural sunshine.

      • Well, rain is part of the world, and therefore it’s better than the alternative. What about it bothers you the most?

      • The lack of sunshine. I’m suppose that I am used to getting showers that don’t last very long and even when it’s cold the sun appears in the winter. In this region I have seen it rain for over a month at times with no let up. The only thing good about it is that it creates the most remarkable nature but I truly believe that as humans we were meant to migrate from area’s like this during the winter months then return when the seasons change. Being locked into a career makes this difficult.

  4. J. M. says:

    As an LA native it certainly doesn’t get as cold as snow here, but I do relate to the struggles of avoiding wanting to stay indoors and take it easy during colder seasons :< Especially with the temptations of comfort food!

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