A culture of FEAR turns RED

It certainly has been many days since I have written a post and for many good reasons. I have always been careful not to include my political views in my posts as I find they create a great amount of controversy. As of lately since the close election day I have found myself enthralled in thoughts of the current climate of our country lost in dissolution of understanding what is going on.

I can’t say I was raised with traditional values but at an early age I adopted certain rules into my life that I believed would guide me. Obviously the ten commandments were the first set of rules I accepted as being righteous and just. I believe in a higher power but have always questioned certain things that I have read in the bible.

The second source that I hold dear to my heart is the US Constitution as have always believed that a free man is a happy man as any man or women living under a life of limited choices by rules created by a Central Government takes away from the feeling of true liberty. When people feel that decisions are being made in the name of retribution to certain corporations who have supported candidates rather than what is in favor of a majority of it’s citizens than the feeling of corruption gives way to the feeling of confidence in those we have elected. Our forefathers understood this when they wrote our Constitution.

There have been many more throughout the years that have guided my through my life like many of the words of the Buddha with lead me to understand my responsibilities to myself along with responsibilities to others.

Between these sets of rules or guidelines I also agree with the rule of law. We all have certain rights that allow us the freedom to find success in what ever it is we chose to do, while understanding that others have the same rights. As all humans are different in nature there are times when a rule of law needs to reach out to protect the rights of all individuals from becoming victims of the other’s overstepping certain rights.

I believe that there are a great many who believe the same things that I believe and without many of these rules of humanity our nation would certainly perish. For many years now I have sat an watched brutal killings throughout our nation along with unruly riots on our streets thanks to the help of media groups striving for higher ratings. When a sense of Justice is replaced with the reward of being noticed on social media by being unjust then people observing this behavior question the current climate of Justice itself. I have watched crime after crime being committed in all of our neighborhoods across the United States. I have felt the pressure of higher taxes and higher cost of medical care. I understand the feeling of losing a job and the difficulties trying to replace it.

As I strive each month with the task of eliminating current debt in my household I watch our national debt rise each day. I see our children acting like they have no future as they seek to find opportunity to create a life that they can feel secure in. For them the same set of rules have been taken away and replaced with something new and falsely promising. I talk to seniors who believe that their social security benefit that they rely on will one day go away.

Whether or not our leaders realize it or not, they have created a culture of fear and uncertainty with the help of technology through media sources. There are certainly no guarantees in life, we all know that, but when people come together for the common good of all it leads to a feeling of security. This is the reason why the United States of America has been so successful and as a people so blessed. No one likes the feeling of fear and with the tools they currently have in hand will always find a way to return to a feeling of peace, morality and security.

With a two party system in this great country of ours the feeling of fear has lead to the decision that both have been great contributors of all of the problems we now face. For the first time we have elected an independent, although masked as a Republican. I believe that both parties have moved so far away from the original beliefs and doctrines that the Great Framers of our nation have created that both have suffered great loses. People do not want to live a complicated life built around structures of complexity and controversy. No, most of us just want to live a simple life where we feel secure in our homes to spend quiet moments with the ones we love. We all understand that freedom comes at a cost, but no one wants to suffer that cost for limited freedom. We want to feel that we are all equally paying that cost but too many times have witnessed others benefiting without contribution.

Fear leads to change and it appears that change right now is inevitable. We all come from different walks of life. Different cultures, different religions and different skin colors and different belief systems. We are all granted the freedom to believe what we want to believe and all of our differences is what has made our nation great. We must always put our differences aside and understand that we are all citizens of the greatest country in the history of mankind and come together and unite in those basic principles that we all hold so dear. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

With so much controversy erupting throughout our nation over this election I do expect my words to be taken out of context and smeared by many but I also anticipate many understanding the same reasons for writing this. I have no political party and declare myself an independent as I have never felt reason for representation based on the direction in which I vote. I may have voted either way, that is for me to know and I have the freedom to keep my vote private. I am just an outside observer who’s opinion means very little. My thoughts and words are my personal perspective on the outcome of this election and in no way represent any affiliation to anything others than my own experiences in life. Your thoughts may differ and that’s OK. We are all a part of this mishmosh we call home.

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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11 Responses to A culture of FEAR turns RED

  1. The problem is most are sleeping in some sort of zombie state. What is needed is enough people to wake up on a local level and start change. We need to take our country back from the corporations and it is past the point of being able to get a major elected official to do something. If change starts on the local level, it can move upward in time.

  2. geekkat says:

    Most people do not even realize enough what is going on to do anything. If people could open their eyes and see what is happening instead of accepting the status quo we might actually be able to see change.

  3. kkeevins says:

    Bravo, Bill! We’ll put.
    “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” –Anne Frank
    She was a brave young woman. Me? I remain terrified.

  4. New Journey says:

    Like you we have kept our vote to ourselves and have avoided political conversations, as I found, people weren’t really talking, anger, fear, and opinions was all I heard, no intelligent interaction ever happened….I know the America needs to change, but I am not sure how, and I am not sure if either candidate would be able to handle the task at hand….but America has voted, we have a new leader getting ready to take over the most important job of our land….I will continue to hope and wish the new government the best and sit back and watch from the sidelines….all I can do is wait with the rest of America to see in what direction we are going to be led…nice to see you back on here my friend…Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving…xxkat

  5. Thank you for sharing. I admire your philosophy on life & leadership. As a Canadian who lives minutes from Detroit, we hope that one day soon Americans find peace and unity. For how you live each day (in fear or love) ultimately affects the country as a whole. Begin where you are. (As I know you do.) All else radiates from there.

  6. Shirley says:

    Yes, I think you are right, it’s a culture of fear right and people do not know what to expect. Many feel they can’t trust what they see and hear. Also that they can not rely on things being done with their best interest in mind.

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