Hitting the Weights Today

Today is my first day back with working with weights and they sure do feel heavy. I am working my chest today and started out with a 300 lb. bench press and was barely able to get 10 reps up. Just 3 months ago I was throwing up a 350 lb. bench press for 3 sets all over 12. I am sure it won’t be long until I am back to where I left off, but in the nature of taking it easy I will balance my efforts to try to remain controlled and learn to accept “good enough”.

This is no easy feat as it become so easy to compete against my last workout, but it is something that I will have to accomplish. If anything I want to be toned not big. I want to maintain a level of muscle strength that will lend a hand in the process of getting older in a healthy way. Just get into it, knock out a few sets and get out all within 30 minutes. Done.

The issue here is not that of looking good although I certainly like looking healthy, it’s about getting my blood sugars numbers down, trimming this 36″ waist and restoring a level of energy that can only be accomplished through exercise. My mind has been getting sluggish and my posture is slouching. Getting old gracefully means that exercise has to be performed on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be crazy competitive exercise, just exercise.

So the question now is what is good enough. I know that I have reached points in an exercise where I was stuck at a particular weight forever but through increased effort I was able to pass my limitation of weight. I remember when I thought I was only capable of bench pressing 200 lbs but pushed and pushed until I was able to move up a few lbs. at a time. I think good enough would be learning to accept the weight your working with and forgetting about that extra push. If I am able to comfortably perform 2 sets of 12 reps at 300 lbs. then this can become my normal routine. It means I have reached a peak and it’s OK to accept that peak rather than fight it.

I shall call it preventative maintenance. In just 10 years I will be 65 years old and will be welcoming retirement. In most other aspects of my life I am making progress as far as paying off my home and saving for retirement. I have dreams of traveling the country with my lovely wife in a motorhome and dream about seeing all of the wonders of this country. There is no guarantee’s in life but if I am not taking to proper steps right now to prepare for a healthy retirement then what good would all of the other efforts make. And even if I end up dealing with a disease one day wouldn’t it increase my chances of survival if I am the healthiest I can be?




About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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13 Responses to Hitting the Weights Today

  1. sueves says:

    If you would advice on healthy eating with a view to beating your Type 2 Diabetes then I can help. I saw your blog about exercise and the 36 inch waist with your weight on. How tall are you as effectively this is piece in the jigsaw that gives you a better idea of your overall health. Waist should be less than half your height. I know you follow my blog but if you want more help just email me on enquiries@weight-away.org and I would be happy to talk to you about this Sue

  2. sueves says:

    If you visit my website at http://www.weight-away.org there is a contact form if that helps Sue

  3. D says:

    I had eye surgery in Oct 2015 and by January had difficulty seeing. Saw the ophthalmologist who said give it time”. By February I was falling over things simply because I did see them. Called his office and despite pleading was given an apt for mid-July. I eventually stopped hiking or even walking for fear of falling. Stopped reading, knitting, driving ~ you name it. To write a blog post takes several days. I’m the type that if I don’t move I gain weight so for the first time since college I gained 30#. It’s hard to believe that in the spring/summer of 2015 I was hiking the AT and now I barely leave my house. Found a new ophthalmology group 2 hours away. Have scar tissue covering corneas thus the horrid vision. Getting laser surgery to correct them beginning of Dec. Guess I’ll be pounding he pavement this winter as I refuse to make a 32 mile round trip just to go to the gym. Definitely not NJ…

    • I will pray for a rapid recovery. The human body is amazing but like a beautiful flower which grows from a seed healing takes time. 🙂

      • D says:

        Honestly? I can’t see the floor when walking in my house. I’ve fallen so many times over a dog toy, a cat toy – anything. It was very windy when we went to the vet on Oct 6. I didn’t see a small branch that had obviously blown off a tree. Fell over it and banged my head on concrete step. Had to sit in the ER forever to have head sutured. Trying NOT to be depressed but it’s getting to me. Have Siri do a lot of things on my computer plus had to get a dictating app. I had to stop working (nobody wants a nurse treating them who can’t see) and lately I only leave the house for weekly vet appointments. Not whining but just trying to convey the craziness of the situation. I can’t keep up with reading blogs (something I enjoyed as new to blogdom last year) and I STG it takes me days to write a post because it’s full of errors. My dictating app doesn’t do well with my NY/Nj accent which I admit is strong. Anytime life has dealt me a difficult hand I overcome by thinking that despite the situation, it could be worse. This is the first time my coping mechanism isn’t working. I used to lean heavily on my faith but stopped attending Mass a few months ago after falling 2x within a month. For some crazy reason they had me lector a lot which I say is crazy as I’m always teased about my accent. Even before my falls I stopped lecturing because I couldn’t see. My two favorite hobbies are reading and knitting; haven’t done either since Jan and it’s November. Finally what irritates/angers me the most is the original doctor couldn’t see me until July, a 5 month wait after I called his office pleading. Started going to him when he stablished his practice which was the same year I moved here. We had a good rapport. So from a patient’s perspective as well as a nurse, I find that reprehnsibke. A patient who’s eyes you operated on is having such severe visual problems that they’re falling and you had expect them to wait 5 months to be seen?
        Sorry for hijacking your post. Saw the getting into shape and the fact that most of my clothes don’t fit got me going. Oh yes, never move to Maine because unless it’s the more urbane southern part. Everything is a hassle where I live and they hate the Yankees! Hahaha. Caught an older man kicking my front license plate just because I have a NYY frame around it. Hahahaha I swear!

      • The East Coast is pretty tough. Although it rains a lot here in Oregon I find that people are more open minded and services are so much better. I can understand your frustration and for now are able to find a little comfort some how. Hang in there, I know things will get better.

      • D says:

        They will thx. I was having a major pity party yesterday I think because I couldn’t type a short email w/o making a ton of mistakes. I took out my frustration on Twitter last night & now much better. I usually just tweet about animals but tackled the flag burning, vandalizing protesters. I never mentioned HC, DT or either party because I feel that these “protesters” are not there to protest the election results, but simply seeking any excuse to create chaos. As I tweeted, destroying cars on a car dealers lot will change the election how?
        You are so lucky to live in Oregon. That and Washington still remain on my bucket list.

      • The chaos is out of control. It rained pretty hard yesterday so a carried a sign which said, “Not my weather”. LOL. Actually the rain sent the protesters away for a while. I am happy that you are feeling better.

      • D says:

        Thx! Counting down till Dec 6 when I’ll get vision fixed. Of course that means I’ll be out in the winter walking and snowshoeing to lose the #’s i put on because I haven’t been able to all summer/fall. Not too much to lose and snowshoeing burns a lot of calories.

      • It sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

  4. D says:

    Love snowshoeing! I look like a fluorescent pumpkin though (as does my dog) only because hunting season starts in mid-August and continues through part of December. There is still gunfire however even when it’s not hunting season plus on Sundays/holidays. Not fond of that part of living in the mountains. BTW, big ta foo about NJ today. Morristown Medical Center – found out they train docs using live dogs which then die. Amazing how much pressure they had and changed their policy late afternoon. I was born in that hospital so seemed weird to see it all over social media. Take care!

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