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azz2lknje6qwru8aifd7drtpkhmw2kgq-largeIt is the morning after a historical Presidential election and based on the numbers it appears that more people favored Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton. Does this really mean anything? Americans have lost faith in its Federal Government a long time ago. It has been obvious for a long time that we have a two party system that hasn’t done much of anything other than make themselves wealthy or wealthier through granting political favors in exchange for personal opportunity.

Just as the last president built his campaign on “Change”, our new one has done the same. Very rarely do I ever see any President making any positive change in those things that matter to me. I pass people each day living on the streets who suffer from mental illness with little opportunity to find the help they need on a long term basis. I see people struggling each day with a history of debt because it’s just too damn expensive to live on their current salaries. I see thousands of people in just a small community suffering from addictions which cause many others to suffer along with them. I see anger and violence all around me with the force of an ego which has gone into overdrive.

We have people who contribute to the great machine and I see others who live off of the machine. I see social problems that are dealt with by scheduling a meeting with no real results. I listen to great men and women chatter through speeches about problems which need to be addressed but again a solution is never attained.

We as a people find great pleasure in the sharing of the problems of our world as many turn to the TV to listen to the problems of others. The truth is that most of these problems are the very same problems that people suffered thousands of years ago. It appears that suffering is a human condition that no single human being can help.

As each of us suffer in different ways the bottom line is that it is always up to us to make certain changes to lessen the effect. People enter into relationships where they believe that they can help another change only to discover that it is only the individual who is suffering that can bring about the change needed to eliminate such suffering. Their is no magic pill that can cure a smoking habit, only the decision to quit smoking and their is no other person who can bring about change unless we ourselves make the decision to change.

Most of us want a better life for ourselves and our families but the promises of an individual seeking the office of President of the United States will not create the changes we need to discover that better life. If I am smoking two packs of cigarettes a day at the cost of $10.00 per pack how can I complain about money when I am spending $600.00 dollars per month on the habit? If I am not eating correctly and exercising how can I complain about the cost of healthcare? When I don’t pay attention to the people voted into office on a local election what difference is it going to make to me who is leading our country?

Voting for a President is an honored obligation and a tradition which allows us as a free nation to decide our leader, but no matter who is elected to office it will not change anything about how I live in my little circle of the country. Even those social problems that need attention are addressed through small communities then later brought to the attention of a larger government to provide funding for the solution to the problem. No, one single human being sitting in the oval office is not going to bring about change to the problems we deal with on a personal basis each day. These problems are ours to figure out and address as we learn or discover solutions.

True change is very personal and each of us has the freedom to make better choices about our individual lives.

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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13 Responses to More Change

  1. V.J. says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that change starts within – we need to be accountable and responsible for our role in what is happening in our lives. At the same time, we can not lose sight of social consciousness – it’s a balance wheel

  2. det-res says:

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been very restless about this whole process, looking for something or someone to reassure me, that things will be just I make them out to be. This post is very reassuring to me. I cannot thank you enough for it.

    • Between all of the negativity brought to us by both parties and trumped up, (no pun intended), by the press and the uncertainty of how life may change I believe that there has been very little in my life that has changed much do to having a new President. Life goes on and we live our lives in with our families in our communities and have both good times along with bad times but overall life is good.

  3. Thank you for your point, Sir. I’m not a USA citizen therefore don’t have any interests involved, but I do agree with you, Sir, what you said is just applicable to many people in many countries, that “These problems are ours to figure out & address as we learn or discover solutions. True change is very personal & each of us has the freedom to make better choices about our individual lives.” Hopefully people in my country will realize about this too. Hope for the better of all of us, people in every walk of life where ever we are & for a better world peace.

  4. Dot2Trot says:

    I watched a lot of videos today of people losing their minds over the results. At first I found it hysterical, but then I felt horrified. Our federal govt, regardless of which party runs it, shouldn’t have that much power over us. Our founders NEVER wanted the Feds to have that much importance in our lives. If I gain weight it’s my fault. If I smoke, the consequences are mine, if I spend more than I make I own that. When I watched those videos I felt sad. How did we lose our Independence? Why do we look to Washington as our daddy? To me, this is what happens when we’ve become so disconnected from our ancestral selves. We no longer fear the tiger chasing us. So we make up dangers — i.e., microagressions, speech is now violence. Our ancestors would be ashamed of our cravings for safe spaces from opinions that differ from our own.

    Voting is important. But we disproportionately vote more in presidential elections than at the local level. Funny since we have more influence on politics the more local it is. But the truth is we can make our lives, communities (and by definition our states and America) better by turning to the “better angels of or nature.” We should always enter into any debate with the simple idea of “Maybe I’m wrong.” That’s the only way we learn or have empathy for others points of view. Sorry, but just because some believes in enforcing immigration law doesn’t make them racist. Likewise, someone concerned about equality in marriage doesn’t make that person an immoral idiot. Yet, the media and Power elites prefer we are divided (how else do they keep power?). I fear that what I saw in those videos and their comments, the power elites are still winning.

  5. I appreciate your positivity. Still a very hard pill to swallow and I’m just watching from next door.

  6. Sir, would you mind if I reblog this post? Thank you.

  7. gitfitsite says:

    Very well articulated!

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