A Good Idea

bright-ideaWhile still in the working world it seems we count the days that lead us to another weekend. Here it is Friday already and I have to wonder exactly where the week has gone. Monday morning I will look back and ask a similar question about where the weekend has gone.

Time moves pretty quickly and hind site sometimes leads us to believe that there is nothing significant found in those days before us. The truth is that each passing day is filled with amazing things that we may end up talking about at the end of that day, but then we just let those thoughts pass to prepare for the next day ahead.

As I don’t seem to have the time to even write a post in my blog at times I find myself here thinking about keeping a journal. But when? How? Although I feel that keeping a record of things that are a part of my life each day, how difficult would it be and how long would it take to write these things down? I came across the idea of keeping a photo journal where by taking pictures of places and people can stir memories of the events each day. Sounds like a wonderful idea, however during the course of my day I have the opportunity to meet some pretty interesting people and discuss some pretty exciting things. How would it be possible to ask someone who I just met if it is OK to take their picture?

Maybe our minds are setup in a way to record these things just the way they do. The truth is that it is very rare that I actually go back and read something I have written as I am always pursuing something new to write. Maybe I don’t need to journal my life but I am certainly glad that many have done it before me as great books have been written from the words written down in a personal journal. Maybe those events each day are kept and only show themselves when we need to recall them while others simply never need to be recalled again. Maybe, just maybe the grey matter inside my head is the best journal I have and there simply is no need to keep tabs.

Instead I have started a journal of idea’s. As thoughts come to me each day I write them down, then ad them to my idea journal to build upon later. I find this to not only be a pleasant experience but also a way of using my mind in a positive way to be creative. I love being creative and find that when I am in this state of dreamland time seems to pass even more quickly. We have all experienced this state of mind with the simple question, “What would I do if I hit the lottery?” An idea journal is something I love to go back to time and time again to re read the thoughts I have written and allow my mind to expand a little more. How many idea’s pass through our minds each day that we simply forget about by the end of the day?

We see people in distress and immediately our minds start working as to a solution to the problem they face. Sometime we don’t offer our idea’s as to the timing may not be right, but at the least our idea should be recorded and built upon in the future as it just may lead to a solution that could help many. We notice that they way food is being served or prepared at a restaurant and think to ourselves that it should be done a different way. How many things do we notice that could be done a little differently that would benefit many? How many times have we questioned ourselves as to why we do something a particular way but just don’t have the time to think about doing it a different way? All of these thoughts can eventually give way to some pretty important changes in our lives once written down, observed and thought upon on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Do you think that an Idea Journal is a good Idea?

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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20 Responses to A Good Idea

  1. I think any sort of journal keeping is a very cool idea. I tend to stick questions and ideas in my normal journal along with everything else of interest (or not) for that day. However, for blog-related thoughts I have a notepad. Now I just need more quality time to get it all out there… 😉

  2. I’ve kept a journal of some sort for most of my life. Like you, I rarely go back to read about the past. I think writing a journal helps me capture ideas and think more clearly in the present. I really like your idea of an Idea Journal.

  3. I keep an Idea Journal in my phone (in NOTES). I love it because it’s so handy — no matter where I am, when I get an idea, I go into NOTES (iPhone) and type it into the list. It’s titled “Novel” Ideas, because I’m writing a novel; however, I use the ideas for various purposes, my blog, real life, etc.) The Idea Journal is an efficient way to keep the”overflow” from my brain. 🙂
    —Kathy from:

  4. kkeevins says:

    I use an Idea Journal all the time, Bill. It’s in my phone (NOTES in iPhone) under “Novel Ideas,” because I’m in the process of writing a novel. The ideas are listed under that title, but I use them for my blog, life, everything). It’s a convenient, efficient way to store my brain “overflow.” You know how it is — that light can go on at anytime, anyplace — good to be prepared.

    I also have a Gratitude Journal, which is really helpful. I use it, if I fall into a “Poor Kathy” mode; the entries remind me how fortunate I am. There’s also a cardboard hand in the back that pops up, slaps me in the face, and screams: “SHUT UP AND BE GRATEFUL!” OK, maybe not, but the entries remind me of the same thing (without the “violence!”). 🙂

  5. Mishmash Media says:

    Interesting thoughts and I must admit I enjoy writing posts about my own ideas and thoughts. Incidently, you may find the following interesting which is a social platform for ideas (and tbh one’s musings):

  6. suzewannabe says:

    An easy way to a prude the everyday is an app called Future me. It send you an email of your musings at a time in the future. It’s interesting to see what you may have seen worried about or noticed. I use a journal diary app with password protection when I’m upset about something and need to get my thoughts written.

  7. webbermd says:

    I have kept a journal off and on since the first year of my marriage, 22 years ago. After my 2oth anniversary, I began reading through it. The journal helped me see the progress my wife and I have made through this journey called life. I shared frustrations, joys, celebrations, disappointments, and commitment. I would highly recommend it even if its just a seasonal reflection during holidays, celebrations, or moments of solitude.

  8. nexi says:

    Thought provoking – I’d agree that the exercise of writing things down and mentally organizing the information is more significant than reading back later.

  9. New Journey says:

    Good Morning…..first hope the weather is kind to you all up in its pathway….thinking about the great northwest this morning….I love this post…..my problem is trying to remember what day it is….being retired brings simplicity to life, however it brings just living in the moment also….day to day becomes blurred…no Fridays to celebrate the end of a week…No weekend partying, and then the best….no dreaded Mondays to have to face….no time constraints to rule my life….hummmm I thought I would miss all that when I walked away, but I don’t didn’t miss one day, one hour….I feel your pain when you say you have no time for blogging, let alone when are you going to find time to journal…..I was introduced to “The Artist’s Way” – by Julia Cameron its a very eye opening book…you don’t have to be an artist per say to use this book….she helps open up areas inside your mind with a morning journaling ritual and questions….I have done the book once….however my daughter is one her second time around…there is a second book too. just a thought, I love journaling thoughts and life….I don’t do it as often as I should, however I bought a couple months ago a small leather blank book to jot down thoughts and quotes in that I have by my chair and have been using it regularly…..I love quotes and there are so many good ones out there that I gave up trying to remember anything along time ago…Enjoy the weekend my friend…hope you and Sharon keep dry!!! kat

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