Commitments of Events

white people partyIt is rare that I make any kind of commitments, and when I do they are only the one’s that take a high priority in my life. Have developed a very simple way of living my life I have discovered that there are many things that I just don’t want to do. I know this is very difficult for some folks to understand because many times we make a decision about a commitment that has more to do with the other person asking us to make that commitment than it does us wanting to make it.

The people in our lives are important to us and I love their company, but there are times where agreeing to take part in a particular event they are planning just doesn’t line up with the lives we lead. It is times like these where we understand that we do have the power to choose. Attending your best friends wedding is a priority, while going to a balloon festival just might not make any sense if you are really not interested in balloons.

When receiving an invitation to attend an event there is always that question that stirs in our minds we make the decision in our minds that, “I don’t really want to do that”. That question is, “If I don’t attend will the other person feel hurt?” The problem is that if you ask this question each and every time you receive an invitation then you will find yourself attending each and every event that you are invited to. If you are a social butterfly I suppose that it is OK, but it is also important to remember that when to commit to one thing you are also taking away your time and energy away from something else.

When I plan something and send out the invitations I never have any high expectations of others to attend. I understand that we all have our lives to live and as many people are struggling right now just to make ends meet I know that an answer of “No, we will not be able to make it” means that there just may be a higher priority at hand. I also know that people will create all kinds of excuses and reason for not making it, but I know that sometimes the real answer is simply “I really don’t have the time available, or I really can’t afford it, or I really have little interest in your event”. To me all of these things are fine. Each one of has to make these decisions from time to time. So when I get an “No” answer it doesn’t bring about the feeling of being hurt as I know that I may be making the same decision in the future.

There are many times when everything lines up. I have the free time, I have the money and I absolutely look forward to attending an event. Many others attending share similar values and interests as me and I can’t wait for the date to arrive. Other’s feel the same way about events they are invited to and will willingly accept to events they feel that they have a real connection with.

The bottom line is that we are all human and should never have to commit to any invitation that we feel would not be to our, or anyone else’s benefit. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who you know just doesn’t want to be there? Sure they will put on their happy face, but deep down inside you know that they would rather be somewhere else. Have you ever felt this way yourself?

So I am committed to make educated decisions about commitments. I know that it is more important to get together with dear friends and loved ones during quality times than it is a quantity of times. When planning an event myself I keep in mind that we are all different and try to keep things open during the event that will allow everyone to be able to do their own thing even if it means not attending at all. It’s OK.

Now I have to go rearrange my sock drawer.

Blood Sugar- 102, Weight-192.3

This morning I was inspired to do several muscle building routine on the bowflex and save the treadmill for later in the day. I will need it as today is George Washington’s Birthday and they day I choose to start doing my taxes. With just a little bit of exercise I am starting to feel a little more energy each passing day.

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At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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18 Responses to Commitments of Events

  1. facetfully says:

    We call them “shoulds” and we say we don’t do them, but we know we sometimes do.

  2. New Journey says:

    good post…..happy taxing!!! were done for another year….YAY

  3. nimi naren says:

    Great post. The art of saying no…

  4. This is a great, fresh perspective on how we make commitments — really love your posts!

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