Oh, New Year’s Day here you come again!

new-year-greetings-67Oh New Years day here you come again. You set a mark of day number one of the next 365 days we call “next year”. It is a time to reflect on the year passing and making promise to the year to come.

For me 2015 marks the year that I truly did lose all of the debt I owed other than this mortgage I pay each month. I was a year of new grandchildren entering into our family, a new career and flights to Florida. A year for another child to enter into the realm of holy matrimony and many family gatherings. 2015 was a good year despite some pretty sketchy times where I found myself without work for about 6 weeks, struggled with high blood sugar at times and battled with car troubles. It marks the second year that I have been “smoke free” and this gives great hope to knowing that I am making great strides with my health.

My hopes will be that 2016 will be even brighter. We will be celebrating yet another addition to our family as a new grandchild will enter into our family. Another wedding that will mark the last of our children entering into the wonderful world of being part of a “married couple”.

Some of the area’s I will set goals for are of course everyone’s favorite being the “workout”. Yes, I will have to slowly get back into the good exercise program that I enjoyed for most of 2015. I sort of fell off the wagon in the last 2 months of 2015 and now it is time to get back on track.

I will take a good picture of finances and start getting back to those habits that have set us apart from most. I will start figuring out how to bring my own lunch to work each day along with a cup of coffee made in my own coffee pot. I have for some reason moved away from these habits and has cost me not only money, but comfort. I don’t like to “eat out”, and each time I do the food usually bothers me in some way. I will set up a program to keep us on track with paying off our mortgage in the next 3 years and stick to it. I know that it is through reaching a point of complete debt freedom will eventually lead to a less stressful life. Even with all of the expenses of travel and loss of a job for a while we still managed to reduce our overall debt in 2015 by nearly $15,000.00. With a little planning, hard work and mindfulness I know that we can do much better in 2016.

I will continue on my path of eating healthy and keeping my Type II Diabetes in check. I found great pleasure in gardening in 2015 and will continue my efforts in 2016 in providing healthy vegetables to our plates during the year. I will continue to get out and hike some of the greatest paths and seeing some of the greatest sites that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and listen to the roar of the might waterfall to again discover that some of the greatest moments in life are right in our own back yards.

One of our plans for 2015 was making a big move from Oregon to Florida, but we made the decision that with all that is going on the world we were pretty much in a safe and secure location. One of the biggest issues in the news was that of a national fresh water shortage and here in the Pacific Northwest we certainly don’t have need to worry about water. Because of this shortage we have noticed many new families moving to area and we watched our home go up in value over $45,000.00 in just two years. We still have the desire to leave the long rainy season here and seek out sunshine, but we decided that we will be able to make this move in the not too distant future while retaining the home we already have. Yes, I am talking about becoming a snowbird. I guess I am getting old. LOL. To get this done we have to stay on track and January 1st of 2016 with be a day of marking our continued efforts with yet another vow of simplicity.

Joy and happiness are a mark of how we truly feel about ourselves and how feel about others. There are many bad things going on around us, but it has always been this way throughout mankind. The trick is to simply accept this fact, do the best you can to get through hard times and simply embrace all of the beauty and love this world has to offer. Each day is a brand new day to find something wonderful in our circle of life and it would be a shame to ignore it.

Lastly, my hopes for 2016 are that all of those who read my blog find your own joy and happiness in your own lives. Remember that when you look back the struggles will seem small compared to the love you will always find around you.

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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16 Responses to Oh, New Year’s Day here you come again!

  1. naturalred says:

    I would love to know more about your thoughts of becoming a snowbird. I have been debating between this and completely relocating also in the very near future. I just dont know which would suit us better.

    Would you mind discussing more on your thoughts? Obviously, not everything about us will be the same as your situation, but any thoughts that can help me look at another side of the picture may be helpful.

  2. New Journey says:

    Well good morning my Northwestern friend….great post….yes 2015 was a good year for us as well…not only did I shed 68#’s…but gained so much more from shedding all that weight….snow birding…my brother and his wife did it for over 15 years…they have a home in Northern Washington, where winter sets in and doesn’t leave for months….there destination was Yuma and they had an RV and would set up out in the desert on BLM land…they had a generator, extra water tanks….they pulled a 2nd vehicle so they didn’t have to disturb the camp area where they had a fire pit, windbreaks up…the only way I can explain it is several of them (with RVs) would gather around like a wagon train and set up…communities with in communities…there would be well over 2000…of them in full season…later they bought a house (mobile home) in the Fortuna area of Yuma and now go back and forth every year from home to home…no RV involved….we skipped the living in the RV in the desert part and went straight to owning a home to go to ….but the Yuma area goes from 70,000 population to about 180,000 every December to January for up to 5 -6 months…I seen cars from all over, Florida, Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana….pretty much anywhere snow can fall…they are in the desert….the only problem I have with the snow birders in Yuma in they are rude….and the feeling that they are so self entitled is foremost emanating off of them.. its hard to maintain my positive attitude in stores with them…now not all snow birders are rude and self righteous but the ones that are make up for those who aren’t…I generally don’t have such a strong opinion against people but I have witnessed this for several years in Yuma…why would I want to move there….big sigh….for my husbands health and I am determined to do it with a positive attitude and will make the best of it…but over all snow birding is fun…my brother and his wife have met some very interesting folks and the have maintained the friendships for years…..unless they are dead, they all still come to the desert in Yuma, the area where we bought is full of homes that are empty during the summer, but full all winter..sorry this go so long winded…but I was on a roll…..Happy New Year my friend and I have no doubt that you will succeed in all you choose to do in the new year…..kat

  3. facetfully says:

    Obviously a deep thinker and avid planner…I have a feeling it will all work out very close to what you expect. Happy New Year!

  4. naturalred says:

    I chucked at the reply saying snowbirds are rude and Wisconsin being in the list of states with rude people.
    I am from WI and can attest that most people are VERY RUDE here. Which is one reason why I want out with a passion. You add in the never ending snow (as we shovel out from 13 inches today) and the fact that life stops when the Green Bay Packers loose a football game, and honestly, I could not escape this state fast enough.

    I just need to know which state and how to do it.

  5. Happy New Year! Stay healthy and happy 🙂

  6. Jade Olive Sage says:

    I am truly inspired. Thank you for sharing your life and wisdom.

  7. ah smoking, really my final baby blanket. and i tussle with it, just turnin 40. however, i let go of the first blanket at some point,along with many other things. so i expect i can do this, as well. but then, i am pretty easy on myself, hardly. but it does-not, tend to stop me… however all-in-all, i am feelin fine… but i have been sick, no… it is, no-myth. but i see,well… it is still, fine.

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