Just Another Christmas

JS30427893With so much anxiety attached to the act of going Christmas Shopping this year many Americans have turned to purchasing gifts online and I am certainly no different. Between the the constant threat of terror attacks, car break in’s or just plain old frustrations like dealing with traffic, finding a parking space or waiting forever in long lines I like many fellow Christmas shoppers have found the convenience of purchasing gifts through online shopping sites like Amazon dot com.

This type of shopping takes away one level of stress from one’s life but it also adds others. Will the package make it on time? Will the package be delivered when loved ones are working and susceptible to theft from the doorstep? Their is also another frustration where I don’t actually get to pick the item up and look at it before it is sent out. There is just something romantic about holding a gift in your hands and personally wrapping it before give it to someone.

Many of the gifts I purchased online this year I had shipped to my place of employment where I knew they would be safe. I made sure that I did all of my shopping early as to allow plenty of time for the gift to arrive. This was another plus as far as security is concerned when shipping gifts to loved one’s. It seems that the closer we get to Christmas Day the more desperate people become. I believe that most thefts happen just days before Christmas.

In any case it seems to me that Christmas get’s more and more complicated each year. Long gone are the days when one labored in their own homes all year long to create the perfect gift for loved one’s. I am 54 years old and can barely remember my Great Grandmother knitting or crocheting beautiful gifts for family members which become heirlooms in the years to come. These gifts were always accompanied by a delicious cake or cookies that where baked and artfully wrapped and I remember family members always looking forward to the taste of these delectable treats. I remember hearing stories of kit’s and plans that men would purchase to build a gift for a loved one and also remember seeing plans in the back of Mechanic’s Illustrated that could be purchased for a few bucks. Men would labor in love in their free time to build furniture, doll houses or cradle’s for their loved one’s. How special would a gift like that be today?

Of course back in those early years most family members lived just a few miles from each other and it was much easier to folks to actually get together and share each others company during the Christmas Season. Today I find myself shipping gifts all over the place that I have simply placed orders online for. We have lost the romance in Christmas and it gets weirder each year for me. I used to shop at the local store which back then we called the “five and dime”. It was not like the “dollar stores” we have today where most of the items are just crap. No the five and dime not only supplied those wonderful items that most people would really like, it also gave the opportunity to take a look at items that created my own hopes and desires the receive as a gift. Compare this today to the mega stores that we have to drive miles away to get to and risk the chance of getting run over in the parking lot only to get inside and quickly get lost in a sea of frustrated people trying to find gifts for their loved ones.

I would love to find a way to bring back the old spirit of Christmas I one enjoyed as a young man, but I suppose that things just keep changing and generations before me have felt the same way. The only thing left in Christmas is the spirit of the holiday itself. The sharing of a finely prepared meal, good conversation and the feeling of love that still exists within my heart. For it is the gift of love that triumphs over all other material items we could ever give or receive. The gift of love lasts a lifetime.

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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12 Responses to Just Another Christmas

  1. I think you put it well when you talk about the spirit of the holiday: spending time with family, conversation over a meal, spirit of love. personally, i’d be happy to skip all the gifts, yes some gifts are thoughtful, but by and large it’s just an excuse for materialism and consumerism, and it would save money and simplify life. family had a marvelous time at thanksgiving without gifts, why do we need them at xmas?

  2. This year we reminisced about our 50 Christmases as a married couple! We got simple gifts for each other and went for a walk in the light of the full moon. We thought of the birth of Jesus and how how important that was and is to us. We got engaged at Christmas 51 years ago. It was all good! I hope your Christmas Day was wonderful.

  3. James says:

    Although I’m a Christian (albeit one with a rather unique take on the Bible and its overarching message), I don’t celebrate Christmas (or Easter for that matter). My wife is Jewish and I’ve long since transferred my “religious” holidays to those she observes. It’s provided a great deal of relief from the stress and anxiety that is associated with the Christmas season.

  4. A glorious photo of 1950s Austerity England – but the man in the foreground has new gloves and scarf; I’m guessing this is the January sales, an even greater commercefest than Advent has become.

  5. New Journey says:

    Good Morning….I had a wonderful Christmas…I generally make presents for my family…I did some type of embroidery work for each of my family this year…it was an effort of love through out the year…my niece was the most enjoyable, she got an apron I personalized for her…it was fun to do…last year I made everyone aprons out of material I used to make a quilt for my sons wedding present…that was also fun…I also pick up gifts as we travel around, if I run across a special something I think someone would enjoy I pick it up, makes it more personal….We have given up buying presents for everyone at Christmas…we have changed gift giving to Birthdays instead…however this year since we had Christmas at our place for a first time in a very long time…I did gifts…it was fun…I do what you did, Amazon.com, I hate going shopping in stores….and the frenzy that Christmas adds is overwhelming…however when I was in stores this year, I noticed a shift in mentality, the frenzy was less, people were more polite, caring, down right nice!!! I am not sure why, I am thinking with all the evil going on in the world I think it has brought out the inner kindness that we all have…Sorry you missed the full moon, it was magical for sure….and very romantic….Good post….nice to see you back on here…your missed…..Kat

  6. Great mind think alike. I thought the same thing yesterday and we, in our house, decided to bring some of the old traditions back next year.
    I just wrote about it myself. Great post my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Helen says:

    Great photo – I love looking a little bits of history.

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