Two Weeks on the Job

onthejobI made it through two whole weeks of working at the new job and time certainly has flown. Each day seems like the hours are just passing away and before you know it it is time to go home. I believe that it has a great deal to do with the challenges I face each day between learning and applying what I have learned.

Basically all I am doing right now is driving around a city and responding to neighborhood complaints of abandoned vehicles. Most people wouldn’t think that this is such a big problem but the list never seems to end.

I am learning that the best way to deal with any situation is with kindness and understanding. Besides what we are told on the news I know first hand that the economy pretty much sucks right now. The latest figure I heard is that 51% of all workers in America are earning less than thirty thousand dollars per year, while 70% are earning less than fifty thousand dollars per year. Between taxes and benefits there is not much left in that paycheck and people are scrambling to try to make ends meet. Even though I still have to do my job and right a citation when the law is broken when I get the chance to speak with people I try to give them some loving advice.

There are so many homeless in the area of the country I live in that it is starting to reach a critical mass. Although we have many programs in place to help the homeless I understand that what people want more than anything is a way to provide for themselves. I know this doesn’t apply to those with certain addictions, but many would simply appreciate a job that would help them get back on track.

solocator-app-iphone-and-androidI was able to make a small contribution already towards working smarter. The whole crew was recently updated with iPhones to make communications easier. Typically we us a separate camera to take pictures of the complaints we receive. The iPhone can do the same job but doesn’t have the capability of placing a time and date stamp on the picture. I found in inexpensive app called Solocator that not only time and dates stamp a picture but also provides the information of where the photo was taken and stamps it on top of the photo. I can see that many of my tech skills are going to come in handy and help the department a great deal.

This has been a really good week for Type II Diabetes as my numbers have steadily remained under 100. I attribute this success to maintaining a good meal schedule and staying constantly busy. Without the workout in the morning and the holiday away from blogging during the work week I find myself sleeping just a little bit longer. Although I do miss both the workouts and writing in the morning I am finding that just getting up and doing an hours worth of studying with a cup of coffee is helping out with the work day.

This is one of the things that minimalism is all about. It’s not only about reducing our stuff, but also about reducing certain commitments that may cause stress. Where blogging was at one time a labor of love turned into a commitment where I felt obligated to write each morning. When your life becomes overwhelmed with too many commitments some of them simply have to go. This is also the reason why I keep my nights during the week free. I know that after spending 11 hours a day dedicated to work the one thing I look forward to is coming home and relaxing. I know that this doesn’t make me a very social creature, but on the other hand it seems to work out as our friends and family understand it and have adapted to it.

One of the things I do miss a great deal is reading other peoples posts. I haven’t been too good at finding that time right now, but am actually thinking about replacing some stupid TV time with reading time. I have the wordpress app on my phone and have to start learning to pick it up and use it.

Blood Sugar- 86, Weight- 185.0

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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12 Responses to Two Weeks on the Job

  1. New Journey says:

    Good Morning my northern friend….so happy to see your 2 weeks in and already making a contribution to making the job more efficient….I knew you would…its always nice to have a new pair of eyes and brain on the job…Glad to see your BS #’s still low…can you feel a difference in your daily life….??? just curious..have a fantastic weekend…cool and sunny here with a promise of rain tomorrow…YAY kat

    • I really haven’t noticed any changes in the way I feel each day. It slowly turning into the rainy season here as we are getting several shower each day and the sky is mostly grey. I really don’t mind the change of season as I look forward to doing stuff inside that I have neglected over the summer.

  2. kimberlysmyth says:

    Hey friend, not sure what model iPhone you have but when I look back at pics I have taken, it shows the day and time it was taken. I’m just sayin, I like apps but they take up so much data. I’ve taken many of mine off for that reason. 😀

  3. Bravo! I hope you continue to enjoy work that must be important to the people with abandoned vehicles on their streets. I’ve been meaning to ask you – did you ever consider getting an assistance dog to help track the blood sugar? I hear good things about them giving people here in the UK some peace of mind. And if it’s an official assistance dog, it could maybe go to work with you …

  4. Thanks Billy, I shall remember that Solocater for future reference.
    Glad you are enjoying your new job, I’m kind of envious…!

  5. Helen says:

    Seems to are going your job in a thoughtful way. Glad you are finding a way to manage your working week as well to decompress at the end a long shift.

  6. josie416 says:

    I really like your kind, gentle attitude. We have a parking “meter maid” in my town who was the same way. She did her job, but she’d give you the benefit of the doubt when she could, and would pass the time of day. Sounds to me like you are doing a great job!

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