Legalization of Marijuana and Opportunities

marijuana-money-live-trading-newsWith this new position I have been given the opportunity to work in one of the area’s where I can capitalize on is that of Marijuana. It’s funny, but I always associated the word Marijuana with something illegal, but now with the legalization of this drug here in Oregon it opens up many opportunities. With this new industry of grower, wholesalers and distributors there are regulations set in place by the State of Oregon along with the City’s and towns here. Learning these regulations and having the opportunity to work directly with them will certainly open up many opportunities to work in this field.

I am praying that this limited term position that I am currently working in turns into a full time permanent position, but if for any chance that it doesn’t I have to be prepared to move on. I am standing at a cross road to the land of opportunity and must apply myself to both self education and also whatever formal education that may be available in this area.

Many people already have asked me what my personal belief is on the subject of the legalization of Marijuana and to give an honest answer, “I just don’t know”. All I know is that the people of Oregon voted in favor of legalization while on a national level it is still illegal. I personally don’t like to feel out of control which simply means that if I am in a situation of some type of emergency I want to be able to handle the situation. This applies to alcohol also as I have been known to enjoy a few beers but know when enough is enough. I really don’t like trying to carry on a conversation with someone who is drunk and would probably not be able to relate to someone who is high on Marijuana.

The bottom line is that it is legal and regulation is incredibly important. Homeowners across the State are allowed to grow 3 plants in there own back yards. I know for a fact since gardening here that during our growing season, plants can grow to incredible sizes while producing the most delicious vegetables because we are a rain forest here.

I may be a little bit selfish in thinking the way I do, but I figure that there will be many others who are thinking the same way I do. There have to be rules and regulations enforced and why shouldn’t it be me to join this force.

It seems rather insane that my blood sugars are staying so balanced while not working out. I am eating carbs during the day but not snacking and just staying busy all day. My body weight is heavier than it’s been in a long time. All I can say is that right now I am just going with it. I am not eating unhealthy at all, just a little more carbohydrates than I normally do. Maybe there is a fine line somewhere that I don’t need to cross. I suppose if there is I will know it when I see my sugar levels rising.

Blood Sugar- 86, Weight- 186.4

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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16 Responses to Legalization of Marijuana and Opportunities

  1. kimberlysmyth says:

    What an interesting world we are living in right? Who knew marijuana legalization would ever happen in the U.S. and now that it has, you’re right, it opens up a whole new world of opportunities. I wish you luck in all you’re endeavors. One more thing, I notice you don’t speak much on the blog about your plan to pay off your debt in 4 yrs, is that because it’s part of your business or just a private matter? I’m always curious about things involving saving money and/or money management.

    • I am still on a steady course toward getting it payed off of and currently I may be able to do it a lot sooner. You are right though, I am well overdue for a post on my progress. I am thinking maybe the first of the new year.

  2. suzewannabe says:

    Wow! So interesting. I do know of millions of women suffering from endometriosis who find benefit from butters and oils rubbed on the abdomen.
    Endo is like cancer in that the lesions create their own blood supply and nerves and can burrow deep into organs.
    The pain is worse than stage 2 labour, I’m told.
    Those living in states with medical permission are able to function better than the current pain treatment of opioods. The kind of cannibis they use does not make them loopy.
    I’ve not tried it myself for reasons you mention but I have read that people have the loopy, non loopy receptors in our bodies.
    I pray that states will at least allow medical, non loopy forms for endo sufferers.

  3. I think some benefit can come from the use of cannibis in oil forms, but I’m skeptical about the smoking of this weed. I, like you, enjoy being able to command the full force of my faculties when they are needed most–why I have never succumb to alcohol addiction. I also worry about a higher incident of lung cancer with all the smoking, medically beneficial or not. I have many questions, too, but yeah, there will need to be enforcement people in place, so why not you? Also, how much land do you own? I bet land prices are gonna soar!!!

  4. hippyish says:

    Homeowners across the State are allowed to grow 3 plants in there own back yards.

    That blows my mind.

    BUT- I hear it does have a lot of medicinal benefits, and it’s hard for me to argue that a plant used appropriately is not a good idea considering most of us pop some type of pill or liquid OTC or prescribed when sick.

    It just wouldn’t settle well knowing my daughter could puff some Mary Jane when she’s old enough and it be legal……

    so…. I just don’t know how I feel about it either.

    Sounds like an interesting field to be working in though 🙂

  5. New Journey says:

    I am scratching my head wondering why California is still on the fence about legalized pot…hell Washington state beat us and now Oregon….LOL glad to hear your on the task force to help figure it all out….as a pot smoker form years ago…I stopped in 2008, however I know that to much pot and getting behind the wheel of a car is just as dangerous as alcohol and driving….it does have its medicinal side…and when I smoked I like the high over an alcohol high, but there needs to be rules and regulations to follow for sure…your BS #’s are great….makes you wonder why it goes so out of whack with a little exercise….the body is fickle for sure….kat

  6. hsampson says:

    Good luck with this Billy! I am very interested to read about your progress on this new opportunity. Personally I know about the medical benefit of Cannabis, I do not agree about smoking it, but as you say. We will see how this evolves in the future. My best wishes for you and thank you for sharing!

  7. geekkat says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would need something like drugs or alcohol but then again I’m thankful to have had a stable life both as a kid and now as an adult. Does that mean I don’t drink…no it just means like you I know my limits.

    Marijuana is a odd one to be honest. Whereas it is drug that so many use to get high, it also has so many health benefits that have been proven true. Benefits that have been proven to be much better then opium derived counterparts. I personally think it should be legal but with regulations.

  8. Joanne Fralick says:

    I am in Canada and our new Prime Minister was elected on a platform of legalizing pot. I am also on the fence about the legalization of marijuana. I’m not a user myself, and have no interest in the stuff. The issue I have with it is, if it is made legal there has to be a non-invasive way to test for high drivers, just like drunk drivers.

    I’m hoping it will raise tax funds, then maybe we will get a break on gasoline taxes – we’re paying almost $5 per gallon here. I’m also hoping it eliminates illegal dealers – we had a major bust next door last summer. Scary.

    It will be interesting to see how this all works out. No guarantee the legislation will even be passed in Canada, but if it is, it will be at the Federal level, so will be equal across the country, not left to each province.

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