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A Cabin in the Mountains

While playing around on Zillow yesterday I found the opportunity to purchase a small cabin way up in the mountains of Washington. It appeared to me to be a great vacation spot nestled along a lake in the heart of … Continue reading

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Passing down the Thanksgiving Torch

One of the benefits of getting older is trading places with the kids on Thanksgiving. Where it has been the norm to prepare a large thanksgiving dinner for family and friends there comes a time when our children are starting … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Proclamation

[New York, 3 October 1789] By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his … Continue reading

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Readiness for Fear

It has been a while since I wrote a post and I am really started to miss it. With all of the attention that I have been putting into this new job I have hardly left anytime to sit down … Continue reading

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A Donut?

I have seen to have gotten into a very healthy groove lately and it amazes me to say that I am keeping my blood sugar in a good range while keeping my body weight in check. What’s even more amazing … Continue reading

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Thank You for Your Service

Today is Veterans Day, the day that we honor all who have served this great country throughout all of it’s struggles to protect our liberty and way of life. This brings up a touch subject for me in that are … Continue reading

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True Wealth

Sometimes it is too easy to lose perspective on the realities of life. We too often can forget about the ground we walk on as we are allowing our minds to move forward. Sometimes we get so caught up in … Continue reading

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Two Weeks on the Job

I made it through two whole weeks of working at the new job and time certainly has flown. Each day seems like the hours are just passing away and before you know it it is time to go home. I … Continue reading

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An Active Day is a Balanced Day

I have gotten my studies in this morning and still have a little time for a short post. I had a busy active day at work yesterday, ate a small breakfast, small lunch and then a small dinner with no … Continue reading

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No More Work Day Posts

I have made the decision to start focusing more on education and learning in the early mornings and spend less time working with this blog. This may only be for a short time until I am more comfortable and confident … Continue reading

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