Another day with IBS

PrintThe fast went well yesterday morning, but all it took was an hour later before I was suffering from IBS once again. I believe that I may breakdown soon and take advantage of whatever the best drug is on the market to help correct my gut bacteria. For now I will continue to try to eat mostly fresh vegetables and continue to try to avoid dairy. For lunch I ate a stuffed pepper that contained rice. I should have learned from the last time that rice makes my blood sugar rise, but the minimalist in my didn’t want to throw it out. I also ate cottage cheese with fresh cantaloupe. I am sure that this dairy product was the source of the Irritable Bowel problems. Dinner last night was taco’s and although I was eating grass fed beef and fresh veggies, I know that the taco shells added to the rise in blood sugar and the sour cream didn’t help.

I searched the web for ways of correcting IBS through diet and lifestyle changes and found a few but I want to conduct further research to set up a series of experiments with certain foods.

Today I am going to try to stick with a large salad and a fresh peach and yogurt for lunch and see what happens. I will be back on the treadmill this morning and will limit my time to just 30 minutes or 2 miles, which ever comes first.

Blood Sugar- 122, Weight- 177.6

Distance- 2.0 miles
Time- 32:38
Calories- 219.1

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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32 Responses to Another day with IBS

  1. Miranda says:

    Have you tried making your own probiotic drink?

  2. Deniza says:

    Oh dear, I am so sorry! My mother has IBS too, so I know what you are going through. The list of recommendations looks really good, my mum has a similar one. Exercise helps her a lot too. Hope you get better soon, sending you positive thoughts … xoxo Deniza

  3. New Journey says:

    My sister has ibs and she also has diverticulitis….she had to be careful with nuts. Seeds, popcorn….and the one thing that can set her off is coffee, the acid from it….she also tries to control it with diet…she also takes tagmet I think, a stomach med….otc I think..could be prilosec…. Sorry your not feeling welly friend….I also read somewhere about probiotics helping the ibs…but can’t remember which web site… Maybe web MD….Xx kat

    • I am going to start looking a little bit deeper into gut bacteria and see what kind of information I can find. You know me, I am set against medications, but if I find something that can get me started on the right track and follow it up with a better diet I will. I have heard that there are some pretty good books available about the studies of this new realm of thinking. Thanks for the Xx. Billy

  4. jncthedc says:

    The fermented foods to supply the prebiotics along with a good quality probiotic (easier than eating food when IBS in acute stage) is a good addition. Also make sure you do NOT eat raw vegetables while in this acute state. Peppers, cabbage broccoli, brussel sprouts are very difficult on the GI tract. If you steam them you should be ok. Feel better.

  5. Prebiotics will only really work if you have the right established gut bacteria in the first place. Try using a professional bacteria (Acidophilus + Bifidobacterium strains) capsule with at least 4 billion per capsule, combined with an L-Glutamine supplement to help restore the gut wall integrity. Try visiting the guys at, I really enjoy following their blog and info for gut health. Also Dr Perlmutter has a great blog too, if you’re interesting in the gut microbiome. Get well soon.

  6. suzewannabe says:

    Any chance you are taking an SSRI type antidepressant?

    Switching to a tricyclic may help

    Reading the book “Second Brain” was eye opening. Those SSRIs can wreak havoc on the gut for some.

  7. Fit n Fine TN says:

    A quality probiotic is a must. I tried several on the market and even one very pricey one that my doctor recommended … no results. Now I am on a combo from Plexus: ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse. First time in my LIFE that my digestive system is functioning properly and my gut is balanced. The benefits to my health have been amazing. My inflammation has disappeared and my rheumatoid arthritis pain is minimal. It has also been key in my losing 50 pounds and becoming more active. Do your research. There’s a lot of garbage out there…

  8. josie416 says:

    Sorry to hear your gut bacteria aren’t happy. You know what they say…if they ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

  9. geekkat says:

    Activia is a great yogurt to eat for probiotics. My son a while back had some stomach issues and his dr advised to eat that for a month along a probiotic med. I can’t remember the name of the med though. It’s been 7 years since he had issues but the Activia yogurt helped him a lot.

  10. Tony R says:

    My compulsive eating issues set me up for being a type II diabetic. However since loosing some weight and eating right, for a while, I was able to get control over it for now. I think that I might have IBS also and was wondering if that seems to come with diabetes as many things do. Tony R.

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