Downsizing Once Again

It poses to be a rainy weekend here in the Portland Oregon region and I am actually pretty happy about that. With all of the plans to make this big move to Florida there is much that needs to start getting done. There are still so many items that Sharon and I have agreed on not taking with us and we need to start separating and getting rid of this stuff. We have downsized once before and we are doing it again.

I am still working on my file cabinet and converting paper documents into pdf documents and saving them on my computer and a thumb drive. I will place a little more emphasis on this project today and try to get it done. We will go through each room and each closet and make a fair assessment on every item to decide if it brings us great joy or serves a purpose in our lives. Sharon has a lot of collectible items like depression glass, baby plates and baby prints that were passed on to her by her mom. This items will be hard for her to let go of and I am staying out of her decision. Even though we are a couple we always have to keep in mind that we are still both individuals and we each have our own personal emotions about things.

After Christmas we were able to reduce our decorations to just 2 small boxes and will be taking this stuff with us as we anticipate celebrating the season in Florida, but maybe just not as grand. As our children have grown and we now have grandchildren we still want our new home to have the warmth of the holiday season as we anticipate people sharing Christmas with us as they escape the snow of the North East.

As for me, the hardest items I will getting rid of our my treadmill and bowflex. I purchased both these items from Craigslist as a very reasonable cost. I anticipate doing the same thing again after we arrive at our new home, but for now they are just too bulky and heavy to ship. I use these two things just about everyday and they are an important part of my workout routine, but I will find alternative ways of getting my workout in.

I remember the last time we did this and how removing stuff from our home brought me such great joy. It was like a small celebration that lived in my head and felt much pride in looking at the empty spaces where those items once lived. My hopes for the future is living in a place where they only items around us are items that we actually use and actually love. It takes a long time to reach this point, but it is so worth it. I really love the journey.

My blood sugar is in a very healthy range once again this morning and my body weight is staying steady. I started my day off yesterday with working my legs and abdominal muscles and drank a protein shake after the workout. About 3 hours later I ate a breakfast burrito and three hours after that lunch which consisted of Ribs and Salad. Dinner last night was a very small portion of lasagna. So I am not eating very low carb, but I am still getting great results.

Blood Sugar 85, Weight- 180.4

Treadmill- 30 Minutes

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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30 Responses to Downsizing Once Again

  1. says:

    Just curious … why are you moving to Florida? From everything I’ve read, Portland has much prettier landscaping and is much further along with civic initiatives and eco-living attitudes. Probably expensive place to live in retirement, though.

    • It is the lack of sunshine that causes too many medical problems as we grow older. The average age in the Portland area is just 35. I try to find like minded people in my age group to do things like play basketball or tennis but find them very hard to come by. Most of the family lives on the East Coast and it makes it a lot easier to see them. I also have 3 grandchildren who live in Florida and visiting them gets to be expensive. Although I do love it here in Oregon I am finding it difficult to bear the over accepting attitudes of people here as I feel that is the highest crime region I ever lived in. The crimes are not overly serious, but the small crimes they commit like stealing are a cause for an uncomfortable life. Some of these petty thieves have been in and out of jail over 75 times and are still returned to the streets to reap havoc on society. This region is also the sex offender capitol of the world. I don’t know if Florida will be any better, but I do know they have stricter laws and most folks do not tolerate this type of behavior. Wow! I just about wrote a book. LOL Billy

      • says:

        Wow, had no idea the average age was just 35. I would be uncomfortable with that as I find the younger generations don’t have the same values (I’ve got about 10 years on you). If most of your family lives on the East Coast, the move makes sense but Florida is just not pretty IMHO. Atlanta is prettier but the traffic is a NIGHTMARE.

  2. Bridgette's Digits πŸ”› An Epic Weight Loss Journey says:

    Happy to read your blood sugar and weight are on point. Over the years, we all accumulate things we don’t need. My mother has had a storage unit 4 the past 3 years and what’s ever in that unit she has paid for 5x’s over. It feels so great to simplify one’s life… doesn’t it⁉ I did and I’m a better person 4 it. Bridgette

    • Yes Bridgette, it is just wonderful. It’s really all about the people in our lives and the things we truly enjoy doing. Billy

      • Bridgette's Digits πŸ”› An Epic Weight Loss Journey says:

        Billy… happy 2 know your name. Loved the post & have a wonderful weekend. …and don’t spend the entire weekend indoors organizing/downsizing. Living is more important. 😁

      • I will try to get out there Bridgette. You have a wonderful weekend as well. πŸ™‚

  3. Nothing quite like organising the home and stripping away the unused and unneeded stuff to clear and settle the mind. Very cathartic. I hope you are having a productive weekend!

  4. BookWriteHer says:

    Ah so good for the soul to cleanse what is around us. I’m excited by your move. πŸ˜ƒ

  5. bano0909 says:

    What part of Florida are you moving to? My husband and I just moved there yesterday!!

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