The Current State of the Plan to Move

daemonsWith all of the financial hits I have taken over the last several months I can finally say that the emergency fund has been restored and I am able to move money into savings. This has restored my confidence that I will be in a positive financial situation to make the move to Florida a comfortable one. There will be so many up front costs involved in making this move besides that fact that I have reduced the amount of stuff to move significantly. Based on my calculations it will cost 3800.00 to move our stuff by using Uhaul’s PODS. I will need 2 small pods. To move one car will cost about 1500.00. We will have to put down a deposit and first months rent on an apartment in Tampa which in my estimate should cost around 2500.00. We will have to set up utilities once we get there which should be minimal. We have to change our drivers licenses and work certifications which will be quite expensive. And then there is the drive from Oregon to Florida which in my estimation should take around 8-9 days which we will be spending money on hotel rooms each night, paying for meals each day and of course the cost of fuel. In my estimate I need to budget a minimum of 10,000.00 to make this move happen. Right now between savings and emergency fund I am sitting at around double that amount right now. I want to increase this amount by another 5000.00 before we leave as I am not sure how long it will take to find a job there, but I do anticipate it happening pretty quickly. Sharon is trying to setup a transfer with company she works for and as for me I still have a pension check coming in each month and with my background should not have a problem finding a job in the Security field.

Why is this move so vital right now? It will bring us closer to our grandchildren, my pension will not be taxed, we will be selling our house in an upmarket and be able to find a smaller home and reduce what we owe on a mortgage by at least 50,000.00 dollars thus bringing us closer to freedom. Although renting for a year is a waste of money I should be able to recoup the loss by finding a great deal on a nice piece of property with a small home. It may even be possible to purchase something with cash at that point.

Sharon should be able to cut back here work schedule at this point and I will continue to work full time as we will need to maintain affordable medical insurance. But i will be looking for alternatives to this as there are many affordable plans out there that are setup for groups.

So all in all the current State of the Plan is good and the move at this point is a green light. This whole post is probably of little interest to most people reading it, but it is my way of re-enforcing my dreams and plans. These things must be written down and reviewed on occasions to sometimes support all of the efforts it takes to make them happen. Every now and then we ask ourselves Why?

My numbers are still high this morning, but this will soon change in the next couple of days. Today is Saturday and I will be paying a visit to see my favorite organic farmers at the Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market here in Oregon City. Today I will be picking up 2 heirloom tomato’s to replace the two that I planted too early and are not doing so well along with a few herbs to get the herb garden started. I will be working in the garden today and this will bring me much happiness and keep me active most of the day.

Blood Sugar- 127, Weight- 174.4


Breakfast- Fasting
Lunch- Burger, Salad
Dinner- Lobster, Salad

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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30 Responses to The Current State of the Plan to Move

  1. The Stuffed Pig says:

    Very smart! We have a small home and I enjoy it so much that I will never look back! The bills are small and I am happy with progress we have made on our savings. Keeping things smaller has enabled us to max out our 401K plans and now we are working on building a strong dividend stock portfolio on the side. Your plan is sure to payoff in the long run! Good luck with your move!!!

  2. Best of luck with your move! I know, easy to say. Try to make your hotel reservations ahead of time, this should make your life-on-the-go easier. Should something that you can’t live without won’t fit into your POD’s, consider shipping it by USPS (any shipping questions, just ask). Take it easy now.

  3. New Journey says:

    You make the yearn to move come to the surface for me…I know I have gypsy in my blood..LOL My husband and I have been to almost every state in the USA looking to improve out situation, however with our mortgage paid and only minimal living cost…were sitting pretty here…plus its not a bad place to live…close to the ocean, mountains only a few hours away…wish I drank wine, living in the wine country is not only beautiful but tasty…..bonus our kids live in the same town…I am excited for you an your family and so happy that we all get to enjoy the feel of the move with you on your blog……Florida is such a beautiful state….we enjoyed visiting there and will go back…nothing like blue water and white sands….glad your getting your funds saved up again…it will certainly make the move easier if there’s no stress financially….enjoy the weekend….kathy

  4. annj49 says:

    Well. This blows me away. I’m completely out of my depth.

    It took me a whole year of scrimping to save one thousand dollars and I am having trouble hanging onto it. It’s already reduced to $800 and I need to act quickly to get that into a savings account before I’m tempted to reduce it further, just by the luxury of having it.

    Life on a pension is not easy.

    Enjoy what you have! πŸ™‚

    Great planning!

  5. anamce says:

    This is blogging simpleliving!!

  6. jiminpanama says:

    Moving takes a lot of doing. When I moved to PanamΓ‘ my friends back in Washington commented how “lucky” I was. Luck? Hell it was shear will! It was a pain and a hassle to sell off everything and buy property in a foreign country, and build anew. But now I own everything and have no taxes. And with medical practically free it was a good move. Everything here is cheaper by a long shot. $15 for a cavity and 10 to go to the dr. My water bill is $3 month and car insurance is half.

  7. BookWriteHer says:

    What an exciting chapter. Really look forward to the pics. Don’t look at the renting as a waste of money. It provides a useful amount of time to look around, explore and choose your new home. Excited for you guys.

  8. hsampson says:

    Moving is an exciting adventure, lots of learning and new chapters ahead. I love big changes and I feel you will love the next chapter in your life. Best wishes to your and your family!

  9. DSP says:

    As a former West Coaster, and a constant mover I am excited for you and the opportunities that will come your way. I grew up in Washington state and some family remain there. While I love it, I have no desire to return for the same reasons you are seeking to leave, well some of them anyway. The cost of living is ridiculous. Believing everything will go according to your plan, ~DSP

    • I am finding that the lack of sunshine for prolonged periods of time to contribute to the downhill slope of overall health. Vitamin D is very important and you just can’t get what you need from taking a vitamin. I see too many people in my age group who are really suffering from declined health, while I see folks older than me in Florida playing sports each day. So besides the benefit of finances I am also making the move for my own well being.

  10. We moved cross country a couple of years back. It’s quiet a project, but worth it if end up happy where you want to be.

  11. Helen says:

    What are ‘work certificates’?

  12. ariane says:

    Excited for your move. Keep it up!

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