My Workday Ends at 5:00 PM – Period

Stress ManI know that there are many people who can simply end working at the end of the work day and enjoy all of the pleasures of life at home. As I certainly do not have this problem I have to say that at one point in my life I did. There was always that problem that I was trying to solve and spending just a few hours working on it away from the workplace was all I needed to get closer to solving it. My employers certainly benefited from the extra energy I put into finding solutions to problems when I was not on the payroll. As I also gave my family and home all of my attention I found that getting up early and depriving myself of sleep allowed my a few quiet hours in the morning to get things done. After doing this for several years you can probably guess that it led into burnout.

It was difficult to slow down as it became a normal way of doing things as it became my morning ritual. If I slowed down I would give the impression to my employer that I have become less productive, yet If I continued I would surely make things worse. It seemed that the more I accomplished the more I was assigned to. It was never ending with no light at the end of the tunnel. The only answer that I could find was to change jobs and leave a position that I really loved and in the end that is exactly what I did. I found a new career with a higher paying salary, but also higher levels of stress and worry. But I did not take work home with me and my personal life was free of work tasks. I kept work at work and started sleeping well.

I often wondered just how many hours of sleep I lost during that period and if it had an effect on my health. There are so many decisions that we make in our lives that are driven by money. Money was the driving force that pushed my productivity at work right into my kitchen table at home. It is money that is the illusion of being in a better place in life, but the truth of the matter is that my salary was enough to live a simple, happy life but I just couldn’t see it. I wanted a better car, a bigger house and in the end I did get those things but the cost was moving into working a dangerous job that was filled with so many nightmares that I dealt with each day that at times I found it hard to sleep at all. And in the end that house has been long sold, those cars are probably sitting in a junk yard somewhere and I am living the simple life I should have been living long ago. It’s funny how the lessons of life unfold.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t let money be the driving force behind many of the decisions you make in life. If you don’t want to suffer from debt, don’t create it. You can get just as much joy from a small house as you would a large one. Leave work at work and live a simple life.


I am feeling pretty beat up this morning and I don’t know why. My sugars are high, my weight is back up and I am not feeling this morning workout. I will push through it this morning and keep it limited to almost my best. The sun finally did come out yesterday and I did spend countless hours in the yard getting many needed things done. I ate bread yesterday and suspect that too is having a negative effect on many things this morning.

Blood Sugar- 113, Weight- 174.2

Bowflex- CHEST
Bench Press- 310 lbs- 15
Incline Press- 310 lbs- 15
Decline Press- 310 lbs- 15
Fly’s- 150 lbs- 15

Breakfast- 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon
Lunch- Burger, Salad
Dinner- Chicken, Spinach

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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22 Responses to My Workday Ends at 5:00 PM – Period

  1. howtostuffyourpig says:

    Good advice! Nobody should take on more than they can handle financially. I love my small house and wouldn’t give it up for the world! Plus, it’s almost paid for! πŸ™‚

  2. dalg says:

    ” Leave work at work” – Absolutely. I once had a line manager who stopped me in the street after work, when I was going to meet someone, to tell me about a work issue. The look on his face was priceless when I told him that I wasn’t being paid to have that conversation, so it wasn’t going to happen.

  3. Rue says:

    I am 26 and I have less than 3 years of professional experience. I have learned this in my current job. Although I see that some of my colleagues are losing their minds, and overworking themselves, taking more tasks than they could handle because they think that this will allow them to impress the employer. In reality, it rarely does because a good employer does not need to see that you are killing yourself to be impressed or satisfied. Just doing your job well and showing potential is enough and that’s what I do.

  4. James says:

    Working is like working out. It’s not only the effort you generate that’s important but deliberately building in times of rest and regeneration. Without those times, you’ll burn out.

  5. Florida Minimalist says:

    I walk out the door at 4pm and it doesn’t cross my mind again until I sit down in my chair at 7am the next day. I have been at my job for 10 years, a 15 year career now so I will admit that most of this stuff is a no-brainer for me, but I don’t let the work or the people stress me out. I come in, do my job, and leave it all behind at the end of my day. Even when coworkers try to discuss stuff while I’m at lunch, I interrupt them to let them know I’ll get to it when I’m back from lunch, and they usually get the hint.

  6. jncthedc says:

    You have spoken about CONTROL in past postings. You certainly put the time and effort into achieving success. Maybe the stress level that accompanies this “drive” works against your body and continues to impede the results you want. You might be better comparing your numbers on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis.

  7. I absolutely 100% agree with this statement. For years I had jobs where I would regularly still be in the office an hour plus after everyone else had left for the day. I did this because I felt it made me more efficient, getting my paperwork and calls squared away leaving me with extra time to improve my sales the following day. This not only led to a burnout but a complete nervous breakdown and I was out of action for over a year. The upshot? My employers were sympathetic at first them grew tired and I left. I spent all of the saving I had managed form extra work and within the year I was back to square one.
    Now I spend my days writing, I live on very little and I want very little. All I want is to be happy and being happy is the easiest thing in the world when you understand that money doesn’t factor whiny are truly there.
    Well, that’s what I think..!

  8. Livonne says:

    A good life balance is so essential yet so difficult to achieve. I’ve just been reading a few of your blog posts and feel the universe is telling me to pay some attention and start looking after my health a bit more. I’m very lucky to be healthy but I can’t keep taking it for granted. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

  9. hsampson says:

    Totally agree and I hope you are feeling much better now.

  10. anamce says:

    Life is full of changes, you will feel stronger tomorow!

  11. EXCELLENT advice! I had to learn the hard way as well. I have been burned out for many years and have finally put my foot down. I have limits to what I am willing to expend for work so I can save energy for myself and my family. I still get burnout from the daily to and fro of the 8-5 but I am still a lot better at not allowing work to stress me out. So not worth it. I would rather live totally off-grid than to run myself in the ground like I used to.

    • I really don’t believe that most people realize just how devastating stress can be until we reach a peak where we have to say “Enough is enough”.

      • That is so true! Even when people tell you to “calm down” it’s like you just can’t see what you are doing to yourself. Unfortunately, there WILL BE a breaking point for the majority. It’s taking a LOT of work on my end to break some of my unhealthy cycles…but making the right choice consistently will pay off bigtime. I just know it!

  12. kala1978 says:

    It took me 12 years of missing everything my kids did to realize this. Great post, I am working now on doing what I love instead of spending all my time at a desk πŸ™‚

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