02-28-15 – Saturday – Another Debt Paid Off!

paid in full
Today marks a day to celebrate as I have made a final payment to Capital One Auto. Yes, all debt is payed off other than the mortgage. This was a loan for a Hyundai Sante Fe we purchased because we really did need a four wheel drive vehicle with all of the off road hiking sites we were visiting. It was set up for 60 months, or 5 years. We managed to pay it off in just 16 months. It was the last debt we needed to pay off to declare our independence from debt other than our mortgage. It was through daily discipline in spending that allowed us to focus totally on paying it off and I couldn’t be any happier.

Many would say, “Hey Billy, you are debt free”. Well not so fast. I still have a long way to go to get the mortgage paid off. Many don’t consider your mortgage to be debt simply because they put place it into the category of living expenses. But truth be told, as long as interest is being paid on any form of loan it is still debt. So on to the next step. The mortgage.

Daily Health Update- Blood sugar is maintaining in the low to mid 80’s range and body weight is staying steady at 165.8. Muscle mass is getting larger overall while body weight is staying steady. This is true evidence that I am still burning fat. I feel good, I look good and I am totally on top of my health.

Blood Sugar – 85, Weight – 165.8

Creatine Day #23

Bowflex – BACK
Pulldown Bar- 130/130- 12, 12, 12
Rows- 130/130- 12, 12, 12
Reverse Fly’s- 35/35- 12, 12, 12

Breakfast- FASTING
Lunch- 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon, 2 Sausage
Dinner- Mexican (Birthday Party)

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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10 Responses to 02-28-15 – Saturday – Another Debt Paid Off!

  1. merlinjr01 says:

    And congratulations. That is an important step financially.

  2. Brittany Bergman says:

    Congratulations!! What an exciting day! Having the title of your car certainly makes you appreciate it more.

  3. ChrisB says:

    Well done, keep up the god work

  4. ChrisB says:

    Well, I meant good work, but perhaps its God work too 🙂

  5. Geraldine says:

    well done! congrats. 🙂

  6. Anne Lene says:

    Congratulations! Is great being down to ONLY the mortgage, isn’t it?

    I paid off my car September last year, and it was such a relief. As you might have seen on my blog, I’m working really hard on my house mortgage as well, having paid a larger lump sum towards it earlier this year. I’m now down 2/3 in only 8 years, only 1/3 left to go… 😉

    It might take me a few years yet to finish, but ultimate goal is to slice 10 to 11 years off the original timeframe (which was 25 years).. Sort of like you changing it to 15 years 😉

    Again, congratulations!

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