Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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fresh free range eggs Fresh free range eggs

Eggs….they are cheap, readily available and delicious.  They are also exceptionally nutritional. One large hen egg has approximately 70 calories and 6 grams of protein.  The white, almost exclusively protein, is the lowest calorie part of the egg.  The yolk, often regarded as the forbidden part of the egg, is high in fat.  But it also contains some pretty important nutrients like iron, vitamins A and D, protein (yes, there is protein here too!), and choline, an essential (meaning your body doesn’t make it on its own) nutrient that helps with memory, muscle movement and the construction of cell walls.  So don’t discard those yolks.  They are like liquid gold for the body!  Unless you are watching your cholesterol.  Then you should limit your consumption.

Hard boiled eggs make a great snack.  They are quick to eat, pair well with fruits and vegetables, and are portable…

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