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06-30-14 – Monday – Silver Falls

“Silver Falls State Park, Oregon” So we did make it out into nature yesterday. Silver Falls was a great hike, although it was very touristy. Once we made it around the first loop trail which featured the main waterfall we … Continue reading

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Fresh Summer Lentil Salad

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We have officially arrived back home. I’ve been working for nearly a week already – everything is normal again. However, I do think of Stockholm and holiday every day. It was such a great time.…

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Its body shape not body weight that matters

Originally posted on Changing lives. Empowering people. One life at a time.:
I have helped hundreds of people of all ages re-engineer their bodies towards a stronger, healthier, fitter version of themselves over the years with over 80% success rate…

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06-29-14 – Sunday – I need to go out and Play

“I need to go out and play” Another Sunday morning and it seems to be one of those mornings that I don’t feel like working out. I will push myself through chest exercises and as always give it all I … Continue reading

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I have been on Facebook for many years now and have found that is a wonderful way to share our lives. It wasn’t too long ago when we would take pictures with our 35mm instant cameras, take the film to … Continue reading

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06-28-14 – Saturday

“I must be mindful to keep myself in balance” Billy Brennan I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. After that killer workout I had in the morning my blood sugar stayed low most of the day. Even with several protein bars … Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables: Good for Health, Not Necessarily A Weight Loss Method

Originally posted on Cooking with Kathy Man:
It is a commonly recommended weight-loss tactic to increase the feeling of being full by consuming more fruits and vegetables, but that may be another diet recommendation dead-end, according to a new study…

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06-27-14 – Friday – Body Building

I am working on building my guns this morning. Taking it to another level again with what I call “Isolated concentration”, which is basically connecting my mind with the muscle that I am working. I am the bicep and my … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Greger: Improving Attractiveness in Six Weeks

This article was taken from Nutrition Facts. I wanted to make a point that a few years back I did a complete vegan diet for 2 years and one of the benefits was spotless skin. Any type of blemishes I … Continue reading

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06-26-14 – Thursday – Outside Looking In

“Sometimes we need to take a good look at our lives from the outside looking in” Billy Brennan Another good day with a morning glucose under 100 at 97 and weight dropping to 174. I can’t believe that it is … Continue reading

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